Close this window to return to Formats page     All of these were in 2 boxes 1979 Price
Designer's Edition   Collector's Edition   Power Politics Series
Battlefleet Mars   Arnhem   After the Holocaust Designer's Edition: with a 22 x 34 Mounted Maps and at least 200 counters and a counter tray. $14
Foxbat & Phantom   Battle for Germany   Assassination of Hitler Note: Battlefleet Mars, Invasion: America, Napoleon's Last Battles, War of the Ring
Invasion: America   Battle of Nations   Russian Civil War have twice the maps and counters, and come with no tray. $20
Mech War '77   Chickamauga    
Napoleon's Last Battles   Golan     Collector's Edition: Games with a folio sized game and 100 counters. 22 x 17 map. $10
Panzergruppe Guderian   Oil War     Note that 5 of these are individual games from a quad series, and 2 are S&T games.
Sinai   Okinawa    
Sniper!         Power Politics Series: Multiplayer games, generally at least a 22" x 34 map $14
Socerer         Hitler' is a deluxe version of the S&T game.
StarForce         Russian Civil War' drove this experiment in mounted boards - and I think it is
War of the Ring         the only one of these games that does NOT have an unmounted version!
World War Three