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Russ Gifford's TSS/GBACW discussion pages
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This page has the free downloads for player aids I've created for the original SPI
TSS/Great Battles of the American Civil War
game system. Plus some extra
goodies from other GBACW aficionados!

First - would you like to take a GBACW survey? Click here!

Free Items you can download here: (Descriptions follow)

PDF's of my original Learning the Great Battles of the American Civil War game system. Link here

GBACW: Errata, Fire/Melee Chart , Rout ChartQuick Reference Card , Article List, GBACWv1 Rules

Additional GBACW items (thanks to Lee Enderlin!) - GBACW Turn Sequence Chart, GBACW Leader Chart, GBACW Adjournment Sheets

Cedar Mountain:  Scenario Card, Victory Tracker v3 ,  CD Sample Clip , Rules

Corinth: Scenario Card, Victory Tracker, optional counters 
(thanks to Greg Laubach!)

Drive on Washington: optional counters  (thanks to Greg Laubach!)

Gleam of Bayonets: Quick Reference Card (draft), Errata (on GBACW sheet)
Burnside's Lost Victory - a 1 map game of the final ten turns! (special thanks to Greg Blanchett!)

And a full set of counters updated to use the new GBACW living rules,
thanks to Steve Maurer! Army of the Potomac; Army of Northern Virginia; Common Counters. Also thanks to Steve, here are the completed OOB listings! ANV OOB; AOP OOB

Pea Ridge: Scenario Card, Victory Tracker

Rebel Sabers: Errata and Addenda

Stonewall:  Notes Page, Exclusive RulesScenario Card Added Variant Counters from Greg Laubach! Union Front Union Back CSA Front CSA Back

TSS 1st Edition: Errata (22 Feb 77) Page 1 Page 2

TSS 2nd Edition: Pinned/Ammo/Command chart, Rout Chart, Reinforcements Charts, Errata, Fire/Melee charts ,Victory Tracker (first 2 days) , Quick Reference Card;

TSS 2nd Edition: Sheet 1; Sheet 2; Sheet 3; Sheet 4; Sheet 5

Wilson's Creek: corrected counters  (special thanks to Greg Laubach!)
Historical Scenario & Designer Notes (from Moves 51), Order of Battle Chart (special thanks to Lee Enderlin!)

and a non-GBACW item:

The Battle of Monmouth (SPI),  Notes, Charts, Victory Tracker


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