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Free Downloads! 

This page has the free downloads for player aids I've created for the TSS/Great Battles of the American Civil War game system. Plus some extra goodies from other GBACW aficionados!

My favorites on this page are the 'Quick Reference Cards' I have created for the rules. print these on cardstock, laminate them, and they really speed play!

(I have also created some 'scenario cards' for the GBACW games!)

Free Items you can download here:

GBACW: Errata, Fire/Melee Chart , Rout ChartQuick Reference Card , Article List, GBACWv1 Rules

Additional GBACW items (thanks to Lee Enderlin!) - GBACW Turn Sequence Chart, GBACW Leader Chart, GBACW Adjournment Sheets

Cedar Mountain:  Scenario Card, Victory Tracker v3 ,  CD Sample Clip , Rules

Corinth: Scenario Card, Victory Tracker, optional counters 
(thanks to Greg Laubach!)

Drive on Washington: optional counters  (thanks to Greg Laubach!)

Gleam of Bayonets: Quick Reference Card (draft), Errata (on GBACW sheet) Burnside's Lost Victory - a 1 map game of the final ten turns! (special thanks to Greg Blanchett!)

Gleam of Bayonets: And a full set of counters updated to use the new GBACW living rules, thanks to Steve Maurer! Army of the Potomac; Army of Northern Virginia; Common Counters. Also thanks to Steve, here are the completed OOB listings! ANV OOB; AOP OOB

Pea Ridge: Scenario Card, Victory Tracker

Rebel Sabers: Errata and Addenda

Stonewall:  Notes Page, Exclusive RulesScenario Card Added Variant Counters from Greg Laubach! Union Front Union Back CSA Front CSA Back

TSS 1st Edition: Errata (22 Feb 77) Page 1 Page 2

TSS 2nd Edition: Pinned/Ammo/Command chart, Rout Chart, Reinforcements Charts, Errata, Fire/Melee charts ,Victory Tracker (first 2 days) , Quick Reference Card;

TSS 2nd Edition: Sheet 1; Sheet 2; Sheet 3; Sheet 4; Sheet 5

Wilson's Creek: corrected counters  corrected Leader counters (special thanks to Greg Laubach!)
Historical Scenario & Designer Notes (from Moves 51), Order of Battle Chart (special thanks to Lee Enderlin!)

Additional GBACW items (thanks to Lee Enderlin!) - GBACW Turn Sequence Chart, GBACW Leader Chart

and a non-GBACW item:

The Battle of Monmouth (SPI),  Notes, Charts, Victory Tracker

One of the reasons I like these games is they allow you to vary the tactics, and attempt other methods of attack, and test the results. The link below will take you to a series of discussions of tactical ideas for TSS / GBACW.

  TSS/GBACW discussions

Good gaming to you all!


 By the way - I'd appreciate any feedback you'd like to offer.  Click here


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