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Free Downloads of cool GBACW v1.0 stuff!















Let's face it - there are literally thousands of items on the website. How do you know if I added something new that you might really like to see?

Going to try to keep this page updated as I add things, so it is easy to locate those 'new' additions!

New - 1/23/22

Looking for Opponents?
New information on using the SPI Opponent's Finder to reach players!

SPI Napoleon Quad Tournament / Fest!
Details and Downloads!
Great way to find new opponents!

Quick Start VASSAL Guide!
See how to jump start using VASSAL as a way to exchange moves!

New - 1/8/22

TAC GAME #3 !!!Stephen Oliver has gifted us all with a beautifully restored copy of TAC Game #3!! Many, many  thanks for the game and the effort to restore it! Enjoy!!

Event-Year Cards  Added the cards for Empire of the Middle Ages - thank you John Edwards. Much nicer than my originals!

Foxbat Phantom Map Not perfect, but you should be able to see the setups and speeds info now!

Creature Video
Added Centurion Gamers Video play through of Creature that Ate Sheboygan. Watch this short video, and you can start playing the game!

Replay: Golan  George Nap finishes his replay / analysis of the original Modern Battles Quad with this replay of Golan! Can the Syrians change the outcome? Can the IDF repeat their stunning vistory? Special thanks, George!

Replay: Yugoslavia Breaking into the Mod Battles II quad, George Nap adds this Yugo/NATO effort to eject the invading Soviets from Zagreb!

Replay: Mukden Mr. Nap provides yet another great replay from The Modern Battles Quad. This time it is Mukden, a hypothetical battle that occurs when the Soviets invade China!

Replay: Wurzburg
An EXCELLENT new play by play AAR from George Nap! This time it is Modern Battles, and the name of the place is the Wurzburg.

New - 1/3/22

Campaign for North Africa

In Progress notes for the game that changed how we look at wargames - Campaign for North Africa. There is some amazing insights here, and well worth the read. Especially for those who don't think it was playtested.

RAS on Large Games
Redmond Simonsen discusses "The Large Game Syndrome."

RAS on Game Graphics
Redmond Simonsen considers "What Have I Been Doing??" when Tom Oleson questions his graphics qualities!

New - 12/31/21

The Next War Intro
A couple of turns of The Next War in a play by play. Enjoy!

Operation Typhoon
TC Bradley takes you through the first 6 turns of Operation Typhoon!

New - 12/23/21

Normandy Rules
With special thanks to David Barkey, the rules for the TSG game Normandy are now on the site. Special Note - these are not complete. But I am happy to have this much!

New - 12/21/21

Leipzig Rules
With special thanks to David Barkey, the rules for the TSG game Leipzig are now on the site!! 

Wreck of the Pandora
Excellent Review / Overview of the game by Jeffery Bass!

New - 12/12/21

Special Issues 
In 1977, 1979, and 1981, SPI created a special "Introduction to Wargaming" magazine. See them under 'Special Issues' on the menu for Advertisements

S&T Books
I - IV Link

New - 12/8/21

Barbarossa Rules
With special thanks to David Barkey, the rules for the TSG game Barbarossa are now on the site!! 

Tannenberg Rules
With special thanks to David Barkey, the rules for the TSG game Tannenberg are now on the site!! 

New - 12/4/21

Some Universe stuff added - like errata, other things.
Hey... check it out where it wasn't at last time you looked.


New - 11/30/21

Deployment Rules!
With special thanks to David Barkey, the rules for the TSG game Deployment are now on the site!! 

New - 11/26/21

Game Design Newsletter #5
The Last issue of the Game Design Newsletters!!   Lots of great articles including the upcoming 'Dark Ages (TAC 16) addition to the Renaissance of Infantry and Centurion series of TAC games!

Game Design Newsletter #4
The fourth issue of the Game Design Newsletters!! Designer's Notes discusses the new big game, War in the East (1st Ed). And the Reviews include a detailed look at TSG Deployment, and why it is re-imagined into Grenadier !

Tactical Tips
Many articles on tactical play of these great games. Some are general, using the standard sticky ZOC games, and a number are specific to GBACW.

New - 11/17/21

The Never Quads
Brian Train looks deep into the Feedback questions and brings us a DETAILED look at all the Quads that never were - AND what happened going forward!

Game Design Newsletter #3
The third issue of the Game Design Newsletters!!  A new format made the scanning far nicer! Lots of great articles!

Game Design Newsletter #2
The second of the Game Design Newsletters!!  This one needs more work - but wanted to make what I had available.

New - 11/14/21

Against Four Worlds
In Progress notes for the game that never was - what would have been the last of the Quads!

Game Design Newsletter #1
The first of the Game Design Newsletters!!   Great articles reviewing the Test Series Games with lots of behind the scenes info; a nice article from Dr. Al Nofi on designing TAC 14 (Renaissance of Infantry.) And much more!

S&T Supplement 8
The final missing copy of S&T Supplement newsletters! (All links here.)

New - Sometime in November

Added map for Battle For Stalingrad, improved items for Descent on Crete, (maps, charts, and added breakouts rather than complete only download.) Changed the Sinai download to rules PAGES, which should improve download and usage. (Format is still not good for printing, but 12 x12 works well on the screen.)

New - 11/1/21

Numerous items for Universe -- Look under the Profiles menu

Also see updated maps for Red Star White Star and Atlantic Wall

New - 10/26/21

Tannenberg TSG
An actual strategic article for the original TSG Tannenberg!

Bastogne S&T 20
A variant for SPI's original Bastogne game, published in  S&T 20!

A run down of the many scenarios in the game of Centurion!

Week of 10/6/21

Napoleon's Last Battles Addenda!
The long overlooked addenda for this great game!

Compiled Development Notes

Hastings 1066

What was to be the first or second game in an ambitious "Great Battle of History" project! Read about this forgotten gem here! 

The Central Front Series!
Must see - "Winning with the Warsaw Pact"  by Allen Dickerson!! Lots of detailed analysis for this great system!

Week of 10/1/21 -10/5/21

SPI by the Numbers
(New Chapter in SPI History)

Freedom in the Galaxy

After the Holocaust



John Carter

The Thirty Years War

Campaign for North Africa

Bloody April


Army Group South Quad

Fulda Gap

Objective Moscow

Red Sun Rising

Sword and Sorcery

 Vector 3


Siege of Constantinople

A great look at a great game, including a play by play of a scenario!

Nice review of an intriguing little game that works.

Good Game Design
Including  capsule discussions of Armada, Musket & Pike, Eylau, Vera Cruz, The Crimean War Quad, Red Sun Rising, Arnhem, Oil War, and Fulda Gap

War in the Pacific
None other than Nicky Palmer provides a detailed look at the play and components of the game!

Berlin 85
Diving into an excellent Operational Analysis of the opposing forces and the terrain they will be fighting over!

Blue & Gray I / II
OK Capsule reviews of each game and a grade by Steve List

Pretty good capsule reviews of each game and a grade by Steve List

Great review with detail!

Atlantic Wall 
An in depth look at the system!

A Soldiers Mini Campaign Game! 

Suggesting some improvements for Arnhem?

War of the Ring
Proposing a hidden movement system for the Character game!

Great review of Bulge 1980 using Bastogne 1970 as the contrast!

Empires of the Middle Ages
Quick first look at the mechanics and counters of this game.

A deep look into this game by Nicky Palmer - includes play by play!

Kursk (II)
A look at the 1981 version of Kursk.

MechWar 2
A detailed review of the mechanics and components.

MechWar 2
Some ideas on the British troops and added rules.

A far reaching variant for this classic.

Panzergruppe Guderian
Learning the tactics!

NATO Division Commander
Systems review

The Kaiser's Battle
Detailed Analysis

Week of 9/25/21

Learning Highway to the Reich!
Nice easy start overview from Mauro Faina!

Victory In the West Vol 1 and 2
Great analysis of the system and the specifics of Patton's 3rd and Op Grenade.

A look and the pieces and the play of this game!

Central Front
Hof Gap and others detailed!

Thoughts on play and some suggestions!

Operation Star
Defending - while abandoning - Kharkov!

Oops - late addition - just found it on my site. Didn't recall writing it.

Why Wargames?

9/18/2021 -

I might have gone insane today. Added over 20 links, some with multiple pages. But most are development articles for SF/Fantasy Roleplaying, so it likely has limited interest. However, for those who like this, ... enjoy. 

Notes for the Game that Never Happened

Designer Notes by John Butterfield Part 1

Designer Notes by John Butterfield Part 2

A 'behind the scenes' look at the development of Universe by Gerry Klug!

Universe Development Notes
Ares 9-12

Universe Launch Advertisement

Universe Commlink Notes
Ares 12

Universe Commlink Notes
Ares 13

Roleplaying In the Land of Farie
David Richie crossover link for Albion and DragonQuest!

DragonQuest Development Notes for DQ Ares 12

David Richie discussing DragonQuest, including some Q&A! 

DR's second column.

DR's third column, and addenda!

Gerry Klug takes the helm!

Non player character generation.

Renamed Questing.

Summoning Secrets

SPI Variations additions:

An alternative Combat system for DragonQuest by Justin Lietes

SPI Scenario Additions

The House of Kurin

The Camp of Alla-Akabar

The Treasure of Socantri

9/12/2021 -

Working at SPI
(A New Chapter in my ongoing effort to stitch together a History of SPI)

Tips on Better Play

Basic Tactics

Tactics of the Advance

Formation Tactics

Broad Front Strategy

Defense / Offense Strategy

Four by Frederick Georgian, using B&G and NAW  examples!

Conservative Tactics

Joe Angiolillo, a master gamer, explains how you can play effectively and still conserve your forces!

Military Tactics P1

Military Tactics P2

Military Tactics P3

Three Tactical Articles using real life examples for Simulation Games by Thomas Pratuch, using Mech War 2!

Match Play Guide
(By RAS)

Ode to RAS
Special thanks to Eric Lee Smith for sharing this.

Writers Submissions (old Moves guidelines!)

R&D Job Response! (DJR Response!)

SPI QuantitiesTSR? (DJR notes!)

The two items above are from David James Ritchie's family, Special thanks to Eric Schliffka.

9/10/2021 - A revamped look to the page. Still not where I want it to be. But you go to the net with the web site you have, not the web site you wish you had.

Below: I'm excited about these Designer / Developer Notes compilations. It was a goal when I started this web site to do ALL of these. Well, I did all the GBACW development ones as web pages, and did NOT like the results all those years ago, so I stopped. I LIKE the results of these MUCH better!

Compiled Development Notes for SPI Games:

Battle of Monmouth

Berlin 85

Central Front Series

Rapid Deployment Force

If you want the original versions I did for the GBACW Development Notes, here is the link to the first page of them. Follow the links on that first page for the rest. (GBACW Link)

Replays and Videos

A focus of this site is to improve play. Here are some recent adds to the
SPI Replays. Here are some links:

BAOR (Central Front Series)

Terrible Swift Sword

Cedar Mountain (GBACW)

Drive On Washington



I recently added links to new videos - there are over EIGHTY videos at SPI Videos!

7/14/2021 - I added a few things, much of it from the fantastic help of others! Ned Kam has provided the following items:

Napoleon at Waterloo - the 1979 Free version, Rules, map, and counters.

The Intro to Wargaming from the same 1979 publication

SPI catalogs from 1972, 1973, and 1974!

Stephen Oliver provided an updated VASSAL module for Blue and Gray's Shiloh


6/1/2021 - I added a few things since the last update, much more than listed below:

Errata: Added a complied Errata for Search & Destroy. Some other clean up items.

Rules and Maps: Lots of new things here: Maps added for Empire of the Middle Ages, Chariot, Legion, Viking, A Mighty Fortress, Red Star White Star, Air War. Also counters for Legion, Chariot, and Centurion. Also pics of ALL the items in the every so rare Moments in Conflict boxed set for teachers!!!

SPI Scenarios: Added a new scenario for CA, and one for StarForce. (oops - 404 error now fixed! Thanks for the heads up!)

SPI Replays:  Terrible Swift Sword - the entire first day!!! PanzerGruppe Guderian, Chariot, Cedar Mountain, Drive on Washington, Road To Richmond, Seelowe, Chinese Farm, Desert Fox! replay. Many thanks to the folks offering these. To me, THESE are perhaps the best news in recent years. If you are familiar with the game, these are exciting to watch. You can also see games you know well take entirely unexplored directions because YOU never thought to try it! Which means you LEARNED something!

And if you have NEVER played the game, you get some ideas how it works, and some tips for first time set ups, which to me is a REAL boon! Thanks to EVERYONE for their contributions to this - and remember, if you are doing solo games, TAKE pictures and make a few notes on each turn. Send those to me and I can put it together for you!

SPI Videos: Also added many new SPI Videos! As you know, I am very picky on videos - I don;t need someone that has never read the rules playing the game wrong, and I rarely take an 'unbox' video. But there are links to more than EIGHTY videos now! That's some serious efforts by a lot of people to help you see and understand over FIFTY DIFFERENT games! Wow!

SPI Advertisements: I am adding at least 10 to 15 new advertisements.

And lots of other things tucked in here and there. Enjoy!

4/1/2020 - I added a few things since the last update:

SPI Replays: Crete (ST18), Punic Wars (2), and the start of a Desert Fox replay! Coming - a short, sharp PanzerGruppe Guderian replay. Many thanks to the folks offering these. We now have over 25 of them! Remember - if you are playing by VASSAL, of soloing games, and want to take pictures and make notes, you can send them to me and I will make the PDF for the Replay!

Errata: A few cleanups, and small additions, including for Great Medieval Battles, and Modern Battles.

SPI Variants: Added a variant for King Arthur that removes the Leader to Leader combat and gives them leadership ratings and abilities instead!

Rules and Maps: Working through additions of better maps and rules for Panzer '44, and others in that series.

SPI Videos: Also added a couple of new SPI Videos, one long one for BattleFleet Mars and a few others.

SPI Advertisements: I am adding at least 10 to 15 new advertisements.

Let me know if there is something you are looking for and can't find on the site. Drop me a note at the feedback page. Link

1/1/2020 - Today, I have added the following to 

SPI Scenarios: for FireFight, Air War, Raid, and a solo scenario for StarForce.

SPI Profiles: Longer articles on Art of Siege, Armada, The Crimean War, Highway the Reich, BattleFleet Mars, Operation Typhoon, Fulda Gap, War of the Rings, and Sauron.

And some proposed variants or house rules articles for Napoleon's Last Battles, To the Green Fields Beyond, and two planes for Air War.

These are all from issues of The Phoenix between #13 to #20. (Honestly, I thought these were already on the site. But hey - enjoy !)

No matter what - if you are LOOKING for something, drop me a note at the feedback page. Link

Recently, I added new chapters to my ongoing history of SPI:  Chapter 1 to the ongoing History of SPI via the formats offered: Link