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British wargaming magazine with lots of great articles on SPI games. These magazines offer a feeling of what things were like in those great days of the late 1970s, when SPI was producing some of their finest games. Enjoy!


Title About
Phoenix issue 1 June/ July 1976  
Phoenix issue 2 Aug / Sept 1976  
Phoenix issue 3 Oct / Nov 1976 Borodino, Napoleon At Waterloo, Sniper! scenario, Sorcerer spells.
Phoenix issue 4 Nov / Dec 1976 Legion scenario, Borodino Part 2,
Phoenix issue 5 Jan  / Feb 1977 Flying Circus, Tank!, Borodino Part 3, Oil War,
Phoenix issue 6 Mar  / Apr 1977 Westwall Quad, Sniper!, Patrol, Foxbat & Phantom solo scenario, Yeoman scenarios,  CA scenarios for River Plate Battle.

and the historical article for the Montrose Campaign. link

Phoenix issue 7 May  / Jun 1977 Musket & Pike, La Grande Armee, World War Three, Panzergruppe Guderian
Phoenix issue 8 July / Aug 1977 Napoleon At Waterloo, American Revolution, Outreach, StarForce, Sorcerer, Rifle & Saber scenario.
Phoenix issue 9 Sept / Oct 1977 Highway to the Reich, HttR Arnhem Replay, North Africa Quad, Foxbat & Phantom

Non-Game pieces include Comparing Brits to Yanks via Feedback, and looking for reality in wargames using the Principles of Warfare
Phoenix issue 10 Nov / Dec 1977 Frigate, Panzer Armee Afrika Replay

Non-Game pieces include a Hidden Movement system, and Scenario Design Tips

Phoenix issue 11   Jan / Feb 1978 Battlefleet Mars, CA, Napoleon At War, Napoleon At Waterloo, Napoleon's Last Battles, Outreach, Panzergruppe Guderian, Seelowe, Terrible Swift Sword
Phoenix issue 12   Mar / Apr 1978 Musket & Pike , Sixth Fleet, Winter War

Non-Game pieces include a Beginner's Tip article, Interpreting Rules, and Designing Wargames

Phoenix issue 13   May / Jun 1978 Conquerors, The, Air War, Fulda Gap, Outreach,
Panzer Armee Afrika quiz!
Phoenix issue 14   July / Aug 1978 Drive on Stalingrad, NATO, UpScope, Napoleon's Last Battles. Musket & Pike, PAA quiz solution
Phoenix issue 15   Sept /Oct 1978 Panzergruppe Guderian, Chattanooga, Red Sun Rising, Air War Q&A
Phoenix issue 16   Nov / Dec 1978 Crimean War, Air War, Sauron

Also - Solo Boardgaming

Phoenix issue 17   Jan / Feb 1979 War of the Ring, Sinai quiz and answer Air War, Fulda Gap
Phoenix issue 18   Mar / Apr 1979 Chariot, Battlefleet Mars, Atlantic Wall,
To the Green Fields Beyond
Phoenix issue 19   May / June 1979 Art of Siege, Raid!, Operation Typhoon, StarForce, Battlefleet Mars, To the Green Fields Beyond
Phoenix issue 20   July / Aug 1979 Armada, Highway to the Reich, FireFight, Napoleon's Last Battles,  Wurzburg

Also -  More Solo Boardgaming

Phoenix issue 21   Sept / Oct 1979 Arnhem, Up Scope!, Vector 3, Kharkov, Siege of Constantinople

Also -  Defense Tips

Phoenix issue 22   Nov / Dec 1979 Red Sun Rising, Sword and Sorcery
Phoenix issue 23   Jan / Feb 1980 Great War in the East, Dreadnought, Army Group South Quad, Fulda Gap, Objective Moscow
Phoenix issue 24   Mar / Apr 1980 Campaign for North Africa, Bloody April, Commando
Phoenix issue 25   May / June 1980 John Carter, The Thirty Years War, MechWar 2, Soldiers
Phoenix issue 26   July / Aug 1980 Freedom in the Galaxy, After the Holocaust, Bulge, Leningrad
Phoenix issue 27   Sept / Oct 1980 CityFight, DeathMaze, Good Game Design Examples (Including  capsule discussions of Armada, Musket & Pike, Eylau, Vera Cruz, The Crimean War Quad, Red Sun Rising, Arnhem, Oil War, and Fulda Gap)
Phoenix issue 28 Nov / Dec 1980 War in the Pacific
Phoenix issue 29 Jan / Feb 1981 Berlin 85, Microcomputing In Wargaming
Phoenix issue 30 Mar / Apr 1981 Arnhem, War of the Ring
Phoenix issue 31 May / Jun 1981 DragonQuest, Atlantic Wall, A Soldiers Mini Campaign Game! 
Phoenix issue 32 Jul / Aug 1981 NATO Division Commander, Panzergruppe Guderian, Kaiser's Battle
Phoenix issue 33 Sept / Oct 1981 Tito, Empires of the Middle Ages, Bulge 80 vs Bastagne 70!
Phoenix issue 34 Nov / Dec 1981 AirWar, Operation Star, Central Front
Phoenix issue 35 Jan / Feb 1982 Spies! , Victory In the West Vol 1 and 2
Phoenix issue 36 Mar / Apr 1982  Kursk (1982), MechWar 2, Cobra (Variant)

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