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The table below offers you pages of play by play action for SPI game replays!

View a move by move replay of games you know well - or ones you have never tried!

These replays are a great way to experience the game.  Via pictures and discussions of moves, you can see different strategies, and their results!

Experience the game as the situation unfolds!



And if you have a replay you'd like to share? Let me know!

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Title About by Length
SPI's Antietam (B&G Quad) Quick play through of the game with a picture per turn! J.L. Robert 20 Pages, 10 pictures
SPI's Ardennes Offensive A complete replay of the 1973 SPI classic, the Ardennes Offensive. A nice look at the game, with a rapid rules review included! Bruce Redenour 21 Pages, 15 pictures + Rules Review
SPI's Arnhem (Westwall Quad) Something different - A look at the choices for the Turn 5 German reinforcements! John Hertz 11 Pages, 11 pictures
SPI's Battle for Germany John Hertz goes old school, looking at an opening move for Germany, using PBM/PBEM hex listings.  John Hertz 3 pages
SPI's Battle of Austerlitz Another EXCELLENT play by play from George Nap, with multiple pictures per turn from this later version of Austerlitz! George Nap 27 pages, 23 pictures
SPI's Battle of Corinth (GBACW V6) Light on pictures, but this replay is great on textual detail of the moves in a play by play recounting, with a nice break down in the after action recap. Good analysis! Tom Hanover 23 pages, 1 picture
SPI's Battle of Monmouth (S&T 90) Play by play action of the Campaign Game! Lots of action, and lots of pictures with plenty of commentary! David OS 29 pages, 20 pictures
SPI's Battle of Monmouth (S&T 90) This one offers up the first 14 turns, and has plenty of surprises! Lots of action, and lots of pictures with commentary! Opening also gives an refresher of the game system. Russ Gifford 35 pages, 20 pictures
SPI's Battle of the Wilderness
 (B&G Quad)
George Nap is back - this time with another B&G game that has never gotten great reviews. But as usual, there is always something to be learned in an SPI game! George Nap 25 Pages, 24 pictures

SPI's BAOR (S&T 88)

Great play by play action with big, beautiful pictures from the BAOR VASSAL and great commentary from Fabrizio! Fabrizio Vianello 25 pages, 12 pictures

SPI's Balaclava 
(Crimean War Quad)

Leo Zappa serves up a tour de force battle from start to finish in this great replay from the Crimean War Quad! Leo Zappa 20 pages, 12 pictures

SPI's Bloody Ridge
(Island War Quad)

An intense battle from beginning to end, this one is not to be missed! The fight for Henderson Field is on display in this great replay! George Nap 87 pages, 50 pictures

SPI's Cassino (S&T 71)

Play by play action - 17 turns, nice layout, good write up. ER Bickford 12 pages, 18 pictures
SPI's Cedar Mountain Strategy Quick play through of the start of the game with the focus on determining a winning strategy for the Union Russ Gifford 19 Pages, 19 pictures
SPI's Cemetery Hill (B&G Quad) Quick play through of the game with a picture per turn! J.L. Robert 10 Pages, 10 pictures
SPI's Chariot (PRESTAGS) The first scenario in the pack is in this quick replay. Delta Hyskos vs. Egyptians,1675 BCE. Michael Wintz 11 Pages, 8 pictures
SPI's Chickamauga (B&G Quad) George Nap is back as he continues his playthru of the SPI Blue & Gray quad games! This time Chickamauga is on the table! George Nap 34 Pages, 34 pictures
SPI's Chickamauga (B&G Quad) Quick play through of the game with a picture per turn! J.L. Robert 20 Pages, 10 pictures
SPI's Chinese Farm (Mod Battles) George Nap has given us another quality replay to enjoy! Follow this fast moving scenario 1 battle - the Israeli effort to breach the Suez in 8 turns against a lot of Egyptian forces! George Nap 31 pages, 31 pictures
SPI's Conquistador (S&T 58) A nicely detailed overview of the game following 21 turns of action with big close up pictures. ER Bickford 29 pages, 25 pictures
SPI's Crete (S&T 18)! George Nap turns in a tour de force of this replay of SPI's FIRST magazine game - Crete! Don't miss this! George Nap 19 pages, 18 pictures
SPI's Desert Fox (S&T 87) A short play of two turns. (If I get more of the game, it will be added.) But the opening overview gives you insights to the mechanics of the game, and you see how those mechanics work in these opening turns. James Halstad 6 pages, 4 pictures.
SPI's Drive on Washington  Keith Meadows contributes a firecracker of a replay of this short sharp collision of Early's Rebels trying to steal victory by routing the Union troops from Washington DC shortly before the 1864 elections! Can Wallace's ad hoc force hold them? At least 25 closeup pictures shows you almost ALL of the action! Keith Meadows 27 pages, 25 pictures.
SPI's Fifth Corps Richard Bool takes you through the opening steps of WWIII with this fast replay of the Fifth Corps scenario from the Central Front series. LOTS of great pictures, and good commentary to give you a ringside seat when the balloon goes up! Richard Bool 43 Pages, 45 pictures
SPI's Golan
 (Modern Battles)
George Nap finishes his tour and analysis of the Modern Battles Quad with this replay of the basic scenario of Golan! Can the Syrians surprise the IDF and achieve their goal? Can the IDF repeat their stunning victory? George Nap 39 pages, 32 pictures
SPI's Hooker and Lee
 (B&G Quad)
George Nap and Fighting Joe Hooker takes on Robert E. Lee at Chancellorsille. Does Joe have what it takes? Can Bobby Lee be the wily fox one more time? I think even George was surprised how this turned out! George Nap 25 Pages, 25 pictures
SPI's King Arthur Jeff Parker has delivered this short and sharp replay of the SPI version of the Battle of Stonehenge, when Arthur and Mordred face off in the twilight battle. Great introduction to the system, and the optional battle between the leaders the system offers! Highly exciting! Jeff Parker 13 Pages, 13 pictures
SPI's Ligny Step by step replay of Ligny, part of the popular Napoleon's Last Battles Quad. George takes on the 8 turn scenario with lots of great pictures and to the point commentary. George Nap 33 Pages, 20 pictures
SPI's Mukden
 (Modern Battles)
George Nap and another Modern Battles Replay! This time it is the hypothetical Sino-Soviet split and the "Battle for Asia" scenario from Mukden! Easy to follow the battle with great commentary throughout! George Nap 49 pages, 46 pictures
SPI's Musket & Pike This replay is both a replay, and a how to play module, reviewing the rules / game system. Highly detailed. The replay is by Bruce Redenour, with beautiful easy to follow pictures.  I provided the history and rules review.  Bruce Redenour 19 pages, 15 pictures
SPI's Oil War  (S&T 52) A quick replay (8 turns) of this highly tactical game that was never really considered a great game, but it was widely played in its time. ER Bickford 13 pages, 15 pictures.
SPI's Operation: Grenade (S&T 84)
This game, the second in the Victory in the West series, is a highly tactical puzzle for the Allied player. Mr. Bickford does a nice job of laying out the choices faced by both sides in these 10 turns. The pictures are not quite as clear as others, but this replay is highly informative for those wanting to learn to excel at this great game! ER Bickford 14 pages, 10 pictures, with helpful details on the pictures.
SPI's Operation Typhoon TC Bradley, who gave us the monster TSS replay, is back, this time with a walk through Operation Typhoon. TC takes us through a quick play of the  Panzergruppe Guderian scenario! T.C. Bradley 11 pages, 11 pictures, annotated
SPI's Outreach Every wonder what SPI's SF classic Outreach is all about? Check out this replay by George Nap! (Don't let the length of the replay fool you. Each step is simple - it is the choices, and the decisions that are difficult! An enjoyable play through, which reads quickly. George Nap 62 Pages, 62 pictures
SPI's Panzergruppe Guderian EXCELLENT step by step replay, with lots of beautiful pictures.  Read this replay and see why Panzergruppe Guderian is considered one of best wargames ever! George Nap 38 Pages, 22 pictures
SPI's Panzergruppe Guderian A short, sharp replay of Panzergruppe Guderian with nice pictures and pithy comments by a seasoned PGG Player! George Falconer 12 Pages, 11 pictures
SPI's Patton's Third Army (S&T 78)
A detailed look at the first game in the Victory in the West series, covering 24 turns! ER Bickford 22 pages, 16 pictures
SPI's Pea Ridge
A grand replay of this treasured first volume from the Great Battles of the American Civil War series. There are over 30 large pictures with plenty fo detail to allow you to cover the ebb and flow of the entire battle - all 28 turns! ER Bickford 59 pages, 34 pictures!
SPI's Punic Wars (S&T 53) George Nap takes us through a replay of the first Punic War scenario! George Nap 16 pages, 15 pictures
SPI's Punic Wars (S&T 53) George Nap and the Second Punic War scenario! This time each turn is an overview, and the results are excellent! George Nap 26 pages, 25 pictures
SPI's Renaissance of Infantry This replay is an exploration of the ROI history and game system, with details on how to play the game, and notes on where it differs from the PRESTAGS Yeoman rules. Highly detailed. Russ Gifford 19 pages, 10 pictures
SPI's Road to Richmond (B&G) This is an EXCITING replay to follow. George Nap embraces the reality that the Union must fight to escape, and it is a hard fought battle from start to finish! 50 pages, but he lets the pictures do the talking! George Nap 50 pages, 50 pictures
SPI's Rifle & Saber   Rifle & Saber, John Young's Tactical Combat module for 1850-1900.  This replay with added notes is by Mike Dyer. Includes 12 pages of pictures and a sketch of the rules to get you playing one of the games 17 different scenarios.! Mike Dyer 12 pages, 12 pictures
SPI's Sedan (Battles of the Ardennes Quad) It is 1940, it is Sedan, a quiet sector in the French minds. The barbaric Germans are surely coming through the flat open terrain of northern Belgium, rather than the dense trackless arboreal hell which is the Ardennes.  Join George Nap on this look at the classic BFTA quad! George Nap 33 pages, 35 pictures
SPI's Seelowe Think you'd like to see if you can change history? George Nap thinks Hitler should have struck England in July of 1940. Can the Brits hold? See it unfold with pics from the end of EACH player turn! George Nap 38 pages, 35 pictures
SPI's Shiloh (B&G Quad) Quick play through of the game with a picture per turn! J.L. Robert 20 Pages, 10 pictures
SPI's Sicily (S&T 89)
Beautiful pictures with a detailed look at the third game in the Victory in the West series of greats. ER Bickford comments on 20 turns of this highly pleasing crowd favorite, perhaps the pinnacle of the original SPI WWII games.  ER Bickford 25 pages, 19 pictures
SPI's Sinai EXCELLENT step by step replay, with lots of beautiful pictures. The replay is of the 1956 scenario, and is a nail biter to the end. George Nap 26 Pages, 26 pictures
SPI's Siege of Constantinople
(S&T 66)
While he doesn't show every turn, he describes the action bombardment in the first 8 turns, and then picks up as the actions begins on Turn 9! Beautiful closeups of the counters!  Ends on the May 10 turn, so over 20 turns. ER Bickford 15 pages, 15 pictures
SPI's South Africa   ER Bickford 10 pages, 10 pictures
SPI's Stonewall (S&T 67)
Prelude to GBACW
The Stonewall game has always been a crowd favorite - and one of the earliest examples of SPI taking a great monster rules set and bringing it down to a small scenario. This one takes on TSS,  and creates a knife's edge scenario that keeps both sides on the edge of their seat! This Replay is a huge help as well, though, because first time players can be a little uncertain of what the game is all about, and Bickford's talk through will help people get started! Roughly 12 turns. ER Bickford 11 pages, 12 pictures
SPI's Terrible Swift Sword (1st Ed.) Wow - this replay will show WHY the original TSS was such a hit with everyone. The beauty of the game map and pieces is one part of it, and that is showcased in these pictures. The incredible action the game offers is the other reason. This replay starts fast and delivers a punch every turn as the desperate Union forces try to stop the rampaging Rebels in their surge toward Cemetery Hill. Watch the first day unfold in this GREAT effort! T.C. Bradley 53 pages, over 50 pictures!
SPI's Veracruz (S&T 63) Another great and rather unusual game for SPI. Nice overview to get you started with this highly accessible game that still imparts lessons on the history of this vitally important but long forgotten campaign! ER Bickford 30 pages, over 30 pictures!
SPI's Viking This quick replay of a short and VERY sharp PRESTAGS scenario provides a nice platform to review the basic rules and play of the PRESTAGS game system! Special thanks to Clayton for this great replay! Clayton Martin 12 pages, 10 pictures
SPI's War of the Ring   ER Bickford 14 pages, 14 pictures
SPI's Wilson's Creek
(S&T 80)
A great play by play of one of the great small playfests of the GBACW system. 15 Turns with lots of nice pictures track this game to its conclusion, and you will be much the wiser on your choices when you start your play of this game! ER Bickford 16 pages, 19 pictures
SPI's Wurzburg
 (Modern Battles)
George Nap follows up on his previous Modern Battles replay with yet another from the series - the first scenario of Wurzburg - Movement to Contact! George Nap 25 pages, 22 pictures
SPI's Year of the Rat (S&T 35) And oldie AND a good one at that! Detailed play-by-play to get you into this game, and see how the mechanics work! This game was a ground breaking look into the war as it was happening, and was a pivotal point for me in my interest in SPI. ER Bickford 16 pages, 20 pictures
SPI's Yeoman This is two quick replays of the Agincourt scenario using PRESTAGS Yeoman game. The scenario provides a nice platform to review the basic rules and play of the PRESTAGS game system! Special thanks to Andrew for this great replay! Andrew Hobley 10 pages, 6 pictures
SPI's Yugoslavia
 (Modern Battles II)
George Nap breaks into Modern Battles II Quads now with a  replay of the "Thrust for Zagreb" hypothetical battle set in 1979! George Nap 27 pages, 27 pictures
Learning to Play SPI's GBACW v1.0 These are PDF versions of my audio-visual training sessions. (e.g., no audio here).  Consider these a different method of learning the rules to play SPI's TSS/GBACW system. Russ Gifford 10 sessions, hundreds of pictures.

Special thanks to all the people donating their replays!

A number of these come from something I call the Bickford Replays! Close to half the replays here were created by an incredible force of nature named EH Bickford.

This page is made possible by his kind agreement to allow me to take his original blog postings of these games and structure them into PDFs that are easily downloaded for readers to gain enjoyment and insight into these great games!

Many thanks to the other folks who have contributed as well - including George Nap, who has also compiled a great group of games for your enjoyment! And continues to contribute!

And ... you, the reader?  There is plenty of room for more of these - and feel free to do the same game again! All these games can branch into new situations on a single different choice!

Click here to send feedback or to post me your play by play!



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