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You've learned the rules to the game. Now the trick is to play it well.  I'll add statements from any players here that might help new players learn how to enjoy these games.

Send them to me here and I'll add it to the page. Many thanks!

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Game Specific Comments:

Strategy for Terrible Swift Sword (Click here)

Strategy and Tactics discussion for the first Day of TSS!! (3 comments)

Strategy for Gleam of Bayonets (Click here)

Strategy and Tactics discussion during an after-action report! (1 comment)

Tactical Considerations in GBACW's Corinth (Click here)

A discussion of GBACW's Battle of Corinth.  (11 comments)

Pea Ridge Strategies and Tactics (Click here)

Thoughts on Bussey's role in GBACW's Pea Ridge.  (7 comments)

Photo gallery of Greg's view of Bussey's role! (click here)

Questions/Comments from players on Pea Ridge Strategies (2 comment) (click here)

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General GBACW Tactical Comments

Movement and Maneuver in GBACW (click here)

Tips for tactical maneuver in GBACW - some thoughts by players. (4 replies)

Using Artillery wisely in GBACW (click here)

They are powerful weapons - but how do you use guns wisely in GBACW? - (9 replies)

Effective Cavalry Tactics for GBACW (click here)

Perhaps the most challenging units to use well in the GBACW system!  (5 replies)

Melee Mastery for GBACW (click here)

Is melee a good idea?  (2 replies)

Leadership Lessons for GBACW (click here)

Best practices using leaders in GBACW?  (2 replies)

Optional Rules? (click here)

Which optional rules in GBACW/TSS should be standard?  (10 messages)

By the Book! (click here)

Overlooked or  convoluted rules in GBACW/TSS? Iron out the wrinkles here!  (5 replies)

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