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from Moves, issue 40, (August/September, 1978)

This note appeared in the Designer's Notes column, page 31.

Bloody April

Initial feedback to the Civil War games has been exceptionally strong, and the next game using the TSS system to appear will be Bloody April: The Battle of Shiloh. Using two game-maps and 1200 counters (approximately 340 of which will be regiments and brigade-level and up commanders) BA will utilize the basic system started by TSS. However, that system will be further honed and modified to fit the Shiloh situation. Plans are made for more extensive melee rules, the problem of the segmented Union Lines of Communication and the resultant Confederate surprise, and modified artillery and cavalry rules (all dependent on the remarkable terrain features of Pittsburg's Landing). Scheduled for mid-'79 release and plotted in at $15, Bloody April will be the first in a line of Major Civil War battles to be covered on a grand tactical level.                                        Rich Berg


From S&T issue 74 (May/June, 1979)

This item appeared in Outgoing Mail column, page 30:

Bloody April / Antietam

BA is now finished and undergoing rules editing by Eric Goldberg. Expected release is after Origins (probably July sometime). Antietam is still in research state, as soon as the map is completed we'll get underway (probably around the end of April).                                   Rich Berg                                                  

As you'll notice, years before publication of the game, the basics for Antietam were already coming together.

In fact, these were together before the launch of  the GBACW concept. Antietam was scheduled to hit as the third monster game, following Bloody April!

The next Outgoing Mail note describes the game as it was in 1979.

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