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Source: Moves 29 (page 36)
Rule [14.11] addition per Q&A with David Isby 1/24/15


Date: As of Sept 19, 1976



[12.12] (CLARIFICATION) The additional Movement Point cost for the anti-tank ditch on Game- Turns 1 and 2 is not negated by roads and trails running through the hexside.

[20.12] (CLARIFICATION) The Israeli Player deploys his units first.

[20.13] (CORRECTION) Only 1 (3-5-8) should be included in the Syrian Reserve.


[11.0] (CORRECTION) All references to mountain hexes should be to rough hexes. Note also that a unit with a Movement Allowance of four or less must expend two additional Movement Points to cross a river hexside.

[14.11] (ADDITION) Guerilla units are exempt from the [7.0] requirement that the phasing player must attack adjacent non phasing units.

[14.13] (CLARIFICATION) This is the only time during the Game-Turn that the Chinese Player may voluntarily create Guerillas.

[14.14] (ADDITION) Guerillas are also formed from Chinese units destroyed by nuclear weapons.

[16.21] (CLARIFICATION) City hexes are considered road hexes for purposes of supply.

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