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Joining the FACEBOOK Blue & Gray VASSAL Tournament?

Here are the VASSAL files you might need!


Right click the link below and choose 'Save Target as"

Download file BG_Antietam (currently updated to v2.1)

Download file BG_Cemetery_Hill (currently updated to v2.1)

Download file BG_Chickamauga (currently updated to v2.1)

Download file BG_Shiloh (currently updated to v2.1)

Download file BGII_Chattanooga (currently updated to v2.1)

Download file BGII_Fredericksburg (currently updated to v2.1)

Download file BGII_Grand_Chancellorville (updated to v2.1)

Special thanks to Stephen Oliver for these updates!

Download file BGII Hooker & Lee game v2.0

Download file BGII Wilderness game v2.0

And special thanks to Chris Perleberg for the Hooker & Lee module, and the Wilderness module!

And to William Hay, who got this going by getting these modules started!


Rules for all the games:

Download BG_Complete Rules

Right clink the link below and choose 'Save Target as"

New to VASSAL? Download this file: Click Here


I. This is a 'starter tourney' to get people interested, and to see if we can draw a few people who are NOT currently using VASSAL into trying it.

II. Thus, the games are ALL SPI's Blue & Gray Quad games, including B&G II games, along with Road to Richmond.

(See notes under the errata on

III. All games will be played using VASSAL.

In the first two rounds, efforts will be made to pair all players  by their game choices. After the third round begins pairings will continue to try to match by game, but it may not be possible in the final rounds of the tourney.

Because you can choose the game to be played, realize careful choices of the shorter games will mean shorter play time. 

IV. Want to play? Send me your first round choice for games by sending me an email via the B&G Tournament Entry Form!

Please limit your choice to three of the games, and also choose the side you would prefer.

Point: if you simply say 'any' then if you are paired with an opponent that HAS a choice, that is the game you will be playing - and he will have his choice of side!

V. There is a minimum of 1 exchange every 3 days, unless agreed to in advance.

The winners of the first round will be paired in the second round, and anyone with a single loss will also be paired if they wish to continue. Those losing in the first round are free to continue in hopes of getting a chance to knock off the champion, OR for placement purposes.

Any questions? send me a note at