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You are invited to play in the next SPI Game Fest starting soon! This time the action takes place in the Age of Napoleon, using the 'tried and true' Napoleon Quads with a few additions!

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Available Games:



Battle of Nations Napoleon at War Quad
Battle of Borodino S&T
Eylau Napoleon's Art of War
Jena-Auerstadt Napoleon at War Quad
La Belle Alliance Napoleon's Last Battles Quad
Ligny Napoleon's Last Battles Quad
Marengo Napoleon at War Quad
Napoleon at Waterloo 1979 Introductory Game
Quatre Bras Napoleon's Last Battles Quad
Wagram Napoleon at War Quad
Wavre Napoleon's Last Battles Quad

How Matching works:

Each time you are ready for a game, you will send me a note with the top three choices of games you'd like to play, in order of interest for THAT round, and mark which side you'd like to play. (Use this form  and 'Any' is an acceptable choice for a game.) Where possible I will match available players who have a matching set of choices on their list.

 Players sign up and submit their top three game and side choices for round 1, and the pairings will begin!  If you are ready -- use this link to send me your first round choices! Click here!

Need more info -- read below!

What is a GameFest?

Gamefests are like a tournament, in that you join, and you are paired with other players. However, in a Fest, there is no effort to match players with equal scores - you are not trying to 'win' a tournament' a Fest is 'just for fun.' Also, there is no set 'start time' for a round. Thus, there is no reason to 'wait' between games. As long as I have people that want to play, I can pair them - no waiting!

Fests are a great way to meet new opponents, and to get experience playing VASSAL, etc.

With enough players, you should not have to wait too long for the next opponent to be available. (IF you are flexible on which game you want to play, of course.)

And with the Napoleon Quads as our subject, you have LOTS of games to choose from!

And - you can play as FEW games as you like, or as many!  Interested? Below is the outline.


I. The Details:
[1.0] All games will use VASSAL modules.
[2.0]The Games will be an exchange of VASSAL logs.
[3.0] OPTIONAL If you and your opponent mutually agree, you can choose to play head to head (live) on the VASSAL server.

II NOTE: We will require use of an outside die roller.

(more on this later.)

III. This is a Fest, not a Tournament. The difference:
A fest is not structured to match players to determine a 'winner.' A Fest simply matches players. Thus, there really are no 'rounds' - and no need for me to determine if this match meets a score group criteria. In a Fest, if two people are available, I will match them!

There will be more rules - but nothing major.

IV. My goal is to have this up and running by January 31, 2022.

End date? I will continue to match players as long as I have players to match!

Ready to sign up?  Go here! Link to sign in form


Download the Modules:

Here are the VASSAL files you might need!

Napoleon at War Modules:





Second Edition Napoleon at Waterloo:


Napoleon's Art of War Module:


Original Battle of Borodino Module (S&T 32)


Napoleon's Last Battles Modules:





Campaign Version of Napoleon's Last Battles



Just in case: Vassal 3.6.4 Released - News - Vassal (

Special thanks to Stephen Oliver for his work on these modules! Wow!!

Rules for all the games:

Download Napoleon At War Rules

Download Napoleon's Last Battles Rules

Download Napoleon's Art of War

Download Napoleon At Waterloo (1979)

Download Battle of Borodino

Known Errata:

Napoleon At War

Last Battles


Napoleon Art of War Errata: (Note enclosed in Boxed set):

"The road movement rate for Dresden and Eylau have been transposed on the Terrain Effects Chart. That is, in Eylau, the road movement rate is one-half a Movement Point per hex, and in Dresden, the rate is one Movement Point per hex."

New to VASSAL? Download this file: Click Here

Using VASSAL to exchange LOG Files: Click Here

Any questions? send me a note at

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