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You love the games - but who can you play them with?

As you can see - lots of people!  Over 300 and counting.
Plant your flag here with the SPI Opponent Finder!

Read below to see how! It is FREE!

There are many players for SPI's great games - and the SPI Opponents Finder service is designed to help you find them!

Why should you join?

Easy reason - you want to PLAY these great games. Since I started this service, at least 20 people have found an opponent within 45 minutes of their home!

But ALL have found potential VASSAL opponents!

This picture above represents the 300+ SPI players that are 'on the record' looking for opponents.  Using the actual map allows you to drill down and FIND opponents by region or by game! As a member, you will have use of that map!

By joining, you will plant YOUR flag on that map to be found by other gamers! When someone in your region joins, or someone that plays your listed games joins, or when someone finds this page and finds you -- you will get a note from me!  Join here!

Benefits of SPI Opponents Finder:

  1. As a member, others can find you via this service.
  2. You can use this map to find opponents anytime!
  3. Whenever someone joins, if their interests match yours, or they are in your region, you and they will get an email inviting you to connect and play.
  4. You can update your listing and thus automatically generate a new match listing ANYTIME you wish!
  5. You will get a yearly update of all members and all the games they play.
  6. You will get notices of SPI tournaments or Fests I am offering
  7. And notices of other SPI gaming events that are brought to my attention.

If you are not a member yet - join here - it is FREE!

When you join, you generally get 2 emails within 48 hours:

1 -- the welcome with a list of players 'near' you - (a rather loose definition of near)

2 - the email to ALL players that have listed the games YOU listed in your choices.  (so I strongly recommend picking at LEAST 2 games -- you will get something for a real match then.)

3 - your flag will be added to the map with your game choices.

NOTE: when the SPI Opponent Finder searches the profiles for people with YOUR top three choices - it ALSO checks any games listed in the 'Comments' section - so add as many games as you wish to that listing!

Want to sign up? Go here

(Use the same link to update your listing at ANY TIME!)

Want to learn the tricks of using the map and the SPI Opponent's Finder Service? Go here

Below: Example of email you will receive: (The person here listed Panzergruppe Guderian and GBACW as two of their choices - this email had some 40 different potential VASSAL opponents!


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