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First game is [16.12] Coutras - October 20, 1587.


French Royalists - Blue Counters

French Huguenots - Green Counters

Which side would you like?

Tourney Outline:

Turns will be exchanged by VASSAL log files.

You have 3 full days to response to a move.
You can respond sooner, but the 3 day turnaround means a full game-turn will be finished each week.

It is expected that people with limited and NO VASSAL experience may sign up to "learn the ropes." 
So if you have no patience helping newbies learn VASSAL, this might NOT be the tourney for you!

Optional Rules 11.0, 12.0, 13.0, 14.0, 15.0 are in play.
13 [Road Movement] is very tricky to use. It makes it MUCH harder to claim the road bonus. BUT -- the back effects of road terrain for Fire Attack defense is STILL in play.

There was also Errata for this game. See Link below. 

Add any comments below you think I should know - like your level of experience with the game, or with VASSAL. 

Or - if you aren't sure you are ready to sign up, but want to ask questions - ask below!

But I will need your email address to write you back!

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Game Rules: LINK


Errata LINK


Quick Rules Review LINK


Stephen Oliver's VASSAL Module LINK

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