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Subtitle Era Published Designer Developer
1812 The Campaigns of Napoleon in Russia Napoleonic 01-Sep-72 John Young (hex version); Phil Orbanes (area version) John Young (hex version); Phil Orbanes (area version)
1914 REVISION KIT Test Series Game IWW 01-Sep-69 Jim Dunnigan  
1918 Test Series Game IWW 01-Sep-69 Jim Dunnigan  
1918 Operation Michel March 21-30, 1918 IWW 01-Jan-70 Jim Dunnigan  
ACRE Richard Lionheart's Siege, 1191 Pre 1800 01-Aug-78 Phil Kosnett Dave Werden
ACROSS SUEZ The Battle of the Chinese Farm October 15, 1973 Modern 01-Sep-80 Mark Herman Bob Jervis and Brad Hessel
ADVENTURE GAMING Three Games to Introduce You to Adventure Gaming OTHER 01-Jan-81    
AFTER THE HOLOCAUST The Devastation of America: Recovery and Reunification Modern 01-Nov-76 Redmond Simonsen Irad Hardy
AGINCOURT Archery Over Armor Pre 1800 01-Jul-78 Jim Dunnigan Dave Werden
AIR WAR Modern Tactical Air Combat Modern 01-Sep-77 Dave Isby Greg Costikyan
AIR WAR UPDATE KIT 1980 Update: Additional Planes, Rules of Play, and Scenarios Modern 01-Jan-80 Dave Isby  
ALAMO Victory in Death March 6, 1836 19th Century 01-Jun-81 Eric Smith Eric Smith
ALBION LAND OF FAERIE SFF 01-Nov-81 Dave Ritchie Nick Karp
ALMA The First Battle, 20 September 1854 19th Century 01-Apr-78 J. Matisse Enzer  
AMERICAN CIVIL WAR 1861-1865 ACW 01-Mar-74 Jim Dunnigan Irad Hardy
AMERICAN REVOLUTION 1775 - 1783 Pre 1800 01-Nov-72 Jim Dunnigan John Young & Ken Hoffman
ANTIETAM The Bloodiest Day, 17 September 1862 ACW 01-May-75 Tom Walczyk, Irad Hardy, John Young  
ANZIO BEACHHEAD   WWII 01-Dec-69 Dave Williams John Young
ARDENNES OFFENSIVE The Battle of the Bulge, December 1944 WWII 01-Mar-73 Jim Dunnigan Terry Hardy & John Young
ARDENNES, BATTLES FOR THE (QUAD) Four Battles of the Blitzkreig, 1940/1944 WWII 01-Nov-78 Danny Parker John Butterfield
ARENA OF DEATH Heroic Combat in the Fantasy World of DragonQuest SFF 01-Sep-80 Dave Ritchie Dave Ritchie
ARMADA The War with Spain, Dec 1586 - Oct 1588 Pre 1800 01-Jan-79 Sterling Hart Brent Nosworthy. 1st ed. Greg Costikyan & Eric Goldberg 2nd ed.
ARMAGEDDON Tactical Combat, 3000 to 500 B.C. Pre 1800 01-Sep-72 Stephen Patrick & John Young John Young
ARMY GROUP SOUTH (QUAD) Four Battles in the Ukraine, 1941-44 WWII 01-Jun-79 John Butterfield, Brent Nosworthy & Robert Jervis  
ARNHEM Operation Market-Garden, September, 1944 WWII 01-Mar-76 Jay Nelson Jay Nelson & Kip Allen
ART OF SIEGE WARFARE, THE (QUAD) Tyre, Acre, Lille, Sevastopol Pre 1800 01-Jul-79 Dave Werden  
ATLANTIC WALL Invasion of Europe WWII 01-Jun-78 Joe Balkoski Steve Ross
AUSTERLITZ Battle of the Three Emperors, 2 December 1805 Napoleonic 01-Jan-73 John Young Kevin Zucker & Redmond A. Simonsen
AUSTERLITZ, BATTLE OF December 2, 1805 Napoleonic 01-Nov-80 Dave Ritchie Dave Ritchie
BALACLAVA The Charge of the Light Brigade, 25 October 1854 19th Century 01-Mar-78 Tom Gould  
BAOR The thin Red Line in the 1980's Modern 01-Sep-81 Charles Kamps Bruce Maxwell
BARBARIAN KINGS Fantasy Empires in Conflict SFF 01-Jul-80 Greg Costikyan Greg Costikyan
BARBAROSSA Test Series Game WWII 01-Aug-69 Jim Dunnigan  
BARBAROSSA The Russo- German War, 1941-1945 WWII 01-Aug-71 Jim Dunnigan  
BASTOGNE The Battle of the Ardennes,  December 1944 WWII 01-Dec-69 Jim Dunnigan  
BASTOGNE (II) The Desperate Defense December 1944 WWII 01-Mar-76 Larry Pinsky Kip Allen & Larry Pinsky
BATTLE FOR STALINGRAD The Struggle for the City WWII 01-Feb-80 John Hill John Butterfield
BATTLE OF BRITAIN REVISION KIT Test Series Game WWII 01-Aug-70 Lou Zocci Ed & Michael Curran and Tom Walczyk
BATTLE OF NATIONS, The Encirclement at Leipzig, 16-19 October 1813 Napoleonic 01-Aug-75 Ed Curran Ed & Michael Curran and Tom Walczyk
BATTLE OF STALINGRAD (renamed Turning Point: Battle of Stalingrad) The Soviet Winter Offensive, 1942 WWII 01-Feb-72 Jim Dunnigan  
BATTLE OF THE WILDERNESS, THE Gaining the Initiative, 5-6 May 1864 ACW 01-Dec-75 Linda Mosca Ed Curran & Linda Mosca
BATTLEFLEET: MARS Space Combat in the 21st Century SFF 01-Mar-77 Brad Hessel & Redmond Simonsen Greg Costikyan
BERLIN '85 Enemy at the Gates Modern 01-Mar-80 Jim Dunnigan Dave Ritchie
BIG RED ONE, THE The First Infantry Division at the Battle of the Bulge WWII 01-Nov-80 Jim Dunnigan Eric Smith
BLACK PRINCE, THE The Battle of Navarette. Pre 1800 01-Nov-79 Rob Mosca Tom Hamilton
BLADE OF ALLECTUS, THE DragonQuest Adventure Two SFF 01-Dec-80 Nick Karp Nick Karp
BLITZKRIEG MODULE SYSTEM   WWII 01-Nov-69 Jim Dunnigan Redmond Simonsen
BLOODY APRIL The Battle of Shiloh, 1862 ACW 01-Aug-79 Rich Berg Rich Berg & Tom Walczyk
BLOODY RIDGE Turning Point on Guadalcanal, September 1942 WWII 01-Nov-75 Kevin Zucker  
BLUE & GRAY I (QUAD) Four Civil War Battles ACW 01-May-75 Irad Hardy,John Young, Ed Curran & Kip Allen  
BLUE & GRAY II (QUAD) Four Civil War Battles ACW 01-Dec-75 Irad Hardy, John Young, Ed Curran & Kip Allen  
BORODINO Napoleon in Russia, 1812 Napoleonic 01-May-72 John Young John Young, Philip Orbanes, & Robert Felice
BREAKOUT & PURSUIT The Battle for France, 1944 WWII 01-Nov-72 Jim Dunnigan Arnold Hendrick
BREITENFELD The Triumph of the Swedish System. Pre 1800 01-Mar-76 Jay Nelson Brad Hessel & Jay Nelson
BRITAIN, BATTLE OF REVISION KIT (Test Series Game 14)   WWII 01-Jul-70 Lou Zocchi Lou Zocchi
BRUSILOV OFFENSIVE, THE Imperial Russia's Last Campaign, 1916 IWW 01-Oct-78 Jim Dunnigan Ajax Buccini
BULGE The Battle for the Ardennes 16 Dec '44 - 2 Jan '45 WWII 01-Jan-80 Jim Dunnigan Eric Smith
BULL RUN, THE BATTLES OF MANASSAS: June 1861 and August 1862 ACW 01-Jul-73 Jim Dunnigan Irad Hardy & John Young
BUNDESWEHR Northern Germany, Late 1970s Modern 01-Jul-77 Virginia Mulholland Jim Dunnigan & Mark Herman
CA Tactical Naval Warfare in the Pacific WWII 01-May-73 Jim Dunnigan, John Young, Bill Sullivan & Joseph Goldcamp
CAMPAIGN FOR NORTH AFRICA The Desert War, 1940-43 WWII 01-Jun-79 Rich Berg Martin Goldberger
CANADIAN CIVIL WAR La Guerre de la Sucession du Canada Modern 01-Nov-77 Jim Dunnigan William Umbaugh
CAPORETTO 1917 IWW 01-Oct-78 Al Nofi Stephen Donaldson & Tom Hamilton
CASSINO, THE BATTLE FOR Assaulting the Gustav Line WWII 01-Nov-78 John Prados John Prados & Tom Hamilton
CAULDRON Battle of Gazala, May 1942 WWII 01-Aug-76 Howie Barasch Frank Davis
CEDAR MOUNTAIN Prelude to Bull Run, August 9, 1862 ACW 01-May-81 Jim Simon w/ David Bush & Anthony Williams Eric Smith
CELLES The Battle Before the Meuse, December 1944 WWII 01-Dec-78 Danny Parker John Butterfield
CEMETERY HILL The Battle for Gettysburg, 1-3 July 1863 ACW 01-May-75 Ed Curran Irad Hardy, Ed Curran & John Young
CENTURION 100 BC to 700 AD Pre 1800 01-Jan-71 Al Nofi Al Nofi
CHARIOT Tactical Warfare in the "Biblical" Age Pre 1800 01-Feb-75 John Young Tom Walczyk
CHATTANOOGA Gateway to Victory, 24-25 November 1863 ACW 01-May-75 Frank Georgian Edward Curran & Frank Georgian
CHICAGO, CHICAGO!   Modern 01-Jan-70 Jim Dunnigan Jim Dunnigan
CHICKAMAUGA The Last Victory, 20 September 1863 ACW 01-May-75 Irad Hardy Irad Hardy & John Young
CHINA WAR, THE Sino-Soviet Conflict Modern 01-Sep-79 Brad Hessel Brad Hessel
CHINESE FARM Egyptian-Israeli Combat in the '73 War. Modern 01-Jul-75 Howie Barasch Howard Barasch, Edward Curran, Jay Nelson, I. B. Hardy
CITADEL OF BLOOD Fantastic Adventure in the Fortress of Evil SFF 01-Nov-80 Eric Smith Eric Smith
CITYFIGHT Modern Combat in the Urban Environment Modern 01-Oct-79 Joe Balkoski & Stephen Donaldson Joe Balkoski & Stephen Donaldson
CLERVAUX Breakout of the Fifth Panzer Army WWII 01-Nov-78 Danny Parker John Butterfield
COBRA Patton's Offensive in France, 1944. WWII 01-Nov-77 Brad Hessel Dave Werden
COMBAT COMMAND Tactical Combat in Europe, 1944 WWII 01-Jan-72 Jim Dunnigan, John Young, Redmond Simonsen & Bob Champer
COMBINED ARMS Combat Operations 1939 - 70's WWII 01-Sep-74 Jim Dunnigan Kip Allen & Ed Curran
COMMANDO Combat Adventure WWII 01-Aug-79 Eric Goldberg Greg Costikyan & John Butterfield
CONQUERORS, THE The Macedonians and The Romans Pre 1800 01-Mar-77 Rich Berg  
CONQUISTADOR! Exploration of the New World, 1495-1600 Pre 1800 01-Sep-76 Rich Berg Greg Costikyan
CORINTH, BATTLE OF Standoff at the Tennessee October 3-4, 1862 ACW 01-Jul-81 Rich Berg Eric Smith
CREATURE THAT ATE NEW YORK, THE   SFF 01-Jan-81 Redmond Simonsen Redmond Simonsen
CREATURE THAT ATE SHEBOYGAN, THE Wreak Havoc with the Monster of Your Choice SFF 01-Mar-79 Greg Costikyan Greg Costikyan
CRETE Mini-Game WWII 01-Sep-69 Jim Dunnigan  
CRETE 2nd Edition The False Victory May 1941 WWII 01-Nov-79 Jim Dunnigan  
CRIMEAN WAR (QUAD) Four Battles of the Crimean War 19th Century 01-Apr-78 Steve Ross  
CRUSADER Battle for Tobruk, Novemeber 1941 WWII 01-Jul-76 Dave Isby Frank Davis
CRUSADES, THE Western Invasions of the Holy Land, 1099 and 1191 AD Pre 1800 01-Sep-78 Rich Berg Rich Berg
DALLAS   RPG 01-Sep-80 Jim Dunnigan Jim Dunnigan
DARK AGES Art of War in the Dark Ages, 700-1300 AD Pre 1800 01-Jul-71 Stephen Patrick  
DAWN OF THE DEAD   SFF 01-Mar-81 John Butterfield  
DEATHMAZE Corridors of Doom SFF 01-Jan-80 Greg Costikyan  
DELTA VEE Tactical Space Combat System for Universe RPG SFF 01-Jul-81 John Butterfield  
DEMONS The Game of Evil Spirits SFF 01-Jan-80 Jim Dunnigan  
DEPLOYMENT Test Series Game WWII 01-Sep-69 Jim Dunnigan Edi Birsan & Bob Champer

'May 1941

WWII 01-Apr-78 Eric Goldberg Eric Goldberg
DESERT FOX Rommel's Campaign for North Africa April 1941-December 1942 WWII 01-Jul-81 Rich Berg Joe Balkoski & Nick Karp
DESERT WAR Tactical Warfare in North Africa WWII 01-Sep-73 Jim Dunnigan Tom Walczyk & Hank Zucker
DESTRUCTION OF ARMY GROUP CENTER The Soviet Summer Offensive 1944 WWII 01-Jan-73 Jim Dunnigan Phil Orbanes & Kevin Zucker
DIXIE The Second War Between the States Modern 01-Jan-76 Redmond Simonsen Jay Nelson
DMZ The Battles for South Korea, Late 1970s Modern 01-Jul-77 Joe Balkoski, Jim Dunnigan
DRAGONQUEST An Experience in Heroic Adventure RPG 01-Jun-80 Eric Goldberg Dave Ritchie & Ted Woods
DRAGONSLAYER   SFF 01-Jul-81 Brad Hessel & Redmond Simonsen Brad Hessel & Redmond Simonsen
DREADNOUGHT Battleship Era, 1906-1945 WWII 01-Jun-75 John Young & Irad Hardy Irad Hardy
DRESDEN   WWII 01-Jul-79 Bob Jervis Brad Hessel
DRIVE ON STALINGRAD The Campaign in Southern Russia, 1942 WWII 01-Jan-78 Brad Hessel Greg Costikyan & Brad Hessel
DRIVE ON WASHINGTON The Battle of Monocracy Junction, July 9, 1864 ACW 01-Apr-80 Tom Hudson Tom Hudson
EAST IS RED, THE The Sino-Soviet War Modern 01-Jan-74 Jim Dunnigan Irad Hardy & Tom Walczyk
EBEN EMAEL Lightening Strikes Belguim May 1940 WWII 01-Nov-79 Joe Perez Joe Perez
EL ALAMEIN Battles in North Africa, 1942 WWII 01-May-73 Jim Dunnigan Stephen G. Bettum
EMPIRES OF THE MIDDLE AGES A Dynamic History of the Middle Ages, 771-1453 Pre 1800 01-Apr-80 Jim Dunnigan Redmond Simonsen & Ajax Buccini
ENCHANTED WOOD DragonQuest Adventure Three SFF 01-Nov-81 Paul Jaquays Gerry Klug
EYLAU   Napoleonic 01-Jul-79 Omar DeWitt, Joe Balkoski
FALL OF ROME, THE The Barbarian Invasions, 100 AD to 500 AD Pre 1800 01-Jul-73 John Young Bruce Evans, Ken Hoffman, John Young & William Sullivan
FAST CARRIERS Ai-Sea Operations, 1941-1977 WWII 01-Sep-75 Jim Dunnigan, Fred Georgian & Irad Hardy
FIFTH CORPS The Soviet Breakthrough at Fulda Modern 01-Sep-80 Jim Dunnigan John Butterfield
FIGHTING SAIL Sea Combat in the Age of Canvas and Shot 1775 - 1815 19th Century 01-Mar-81 Joe Balkoski Joe Balkoski
FIREFIGHT Modern U.S. / Soviet Small Unit Tactics. Modern 01-Jul-76 Jim Dunnigan & Irad Hardy Irad Hardy & Fred Georgian
FIRST WORLD WAR, THE 1914-1918 IWW 01-Apr-77 Frank Davis Mark Herman
FLIGHT OF THE GOEBEN, THE World War I Naval Operations in the Mediterranean IWW 01-Jan-70 Strategic Game: Dave Williams; Tactical: Tony Morale Strategic Game: Dave Williams; Tactical: Tony Morale
FLYING CIRCUS Tactical Aerial Combat, 1915-1918 IWW 01-Mar-72 Jim Dunnigan John Young
FLYING FORTRESS Test Series Game WWII 01-Dec-69 Jim Dunnigan Redmond Simonsen
FLYING FORTRESS 2nd Edition Test Series Game WWII 01-Jan-70 Jim Dunnigan Redmond Simonsen
FLYING TIGERS Test Series Game WWII 01-Apr-70 Lou Zocchi Lou Zocchi
FOXBAT & PHANTOM Tactical Aerial Combat in the 1970's Modern 01-May-73 Jim Dunnigan Kevin Zucker
FRANCE 1940, BATTLE FOR   WWII 01-May-71 Jim Dunnigan Redmond Simonsen
FRANCO-PRUSSIAN WAR 1 August to 2 September 1870 19th Century 01-Jun-72 Jim Dunnigan Phil Orbanes
FREDERICK THE GREAT The Wars of the Soldier King, 1756-59 Pre 1800 01-Mar-75 Frank Davis & Ed Curran Frank Davis, Ed Curran & Kip Allen
FREDERICKSBURG The Union Replused, 13 December 1862 ACW 01-Jan-76 Joe Angiolillo Ed Curran & Joe Angiolillo
FREEDOM IN THE GALAXY the Star Rebellions, 5764 AD SFF 01-Jun-79 Howie Barasch John Butterfield & Marty Goldberger
FREIBURG Conquest of the Rhine Valley, 3-9 August 1644 Pre 1800 01-May-76 Stephen Patrick  
FRIGATE Sea War in the Age of Sail 19th Century 01-May-74 Jim Dunnigan Kip Allen
FRONTIERS OF ALUSIA   RPG 01-May-81 Rudy Kraft Dave Ritchie
FULDA GAP The First Battle of the Next War Modern 01-May-77 Jim Dunnigan Tom Walczyk
GERMANY, BATTLE FOR The Destruction of the Reich, December 1944-May 1945 WWII 01-May-75 Jim Dunnigan Jay Nelson & Jim Dunnigan
GLOBAL WAR The War Against Japan and Germany, 1939-45 WWII 01-Feb-75 Jim Dunnigan Kip Allen
GOLAN Syrain-Israeli Combat in the '73 War Modern 01-Jul-75 Mark Herman. Irad B. Hardy, Edward Curran, Jay Nelson
GONDOR The Siege of Minas Tirith, SA 1419 SFF 01-Nov-77 Linda Mosca & Rich Berg Tony Beavers
GREAT MEDIEVAL BATTLES (QUAD) Four Battles from the Middle Ages Pre 1800 01-Nov-79 Dave Werden Anthony Buccini & Tom Hamilton
GREAT WAR IN THE EAST (QUAD) Four Battles from the First World War IWW 01-Sep-78 Dave Isby  
GRENADIER Tactical Warfare, 1680-1850 Pre 1800 01-Sep-71   Al Nofi & John Young
GRUNT Tactical Combat in Vietnam, 1965 Modern 01-Mar-71 John Kramer John Young
HIGHWAY TO THE REICH Operation Market Garden, September 1944 WWII 01-Jan-77 Jay Nelson Irad Hardy
HOF GAP The Nurnberg Pincer Modern 01-Nov-80 Charles Kamps John Butterfield
HOOKER & LEE The Battle for Chancellorsville, 2-3 May 1863 ACW 01-Dec-75 Rich Berg Ed Curran & Rich Berg
HURTGEN FOREST Approach to the Roer, November, 1944 WWII 01-Feb-76 Howie Barasch Christopher Allen & Howard Barasch
INKERMAN The "Soldiers' Battle' 5 November 1854 19th Century 01-Apr-78 Marty Goldberger  
INVASION: AMERICA Death-Throes of the Superpower Modern 01-Jan-76 Jim Dunnigan Jay Nelson
ISLAND WAR (QUAD) Four Pacific Battles WWII 01-Nov-75 Ed Curran  
ITALY Test Series Game WWII 01-Sep-69 Jim Dunnigan Edi Birsan, Bob Champer & Larry Rusiecki
JACKSON AT THE CROSSROADS Cross Keys & Port Republic June 8-9, 1862 ACW 01-Jul-81 Joe Reiser Bruce Maxwell
JACKSON/CORINTH (2 Pack) Two Games in the Great Battles of the American Civil War! ACW 01-Jul-81    
JENA-AUERSTADT The Battle for Prussia, 14 October 1806 Napoleonic 01-Aug-75 Tom Walczyk Thomas Walczyk & Frank Davis
JERUSALEM 1967: Battle for the West Bank Modern 01-Jun-77 Mark Herman Jim Dunnigan
JOHN CARTER Warlord of Mars SFF 01-Mar-79 Mark Herman Eric Goldberg
KAISER'S BATTLE, THE The German Offensive, March 1918 IWW 01-Nov-80 Joe Balkoski  
KAMPFPANZER Tactical Armored Combat, 1937-40 WWII 01-Nov-73 Jim Dunnigan Hank Zucker
KASSERINE Baptism of Fire, February 1943 WWII 01-Jul-76 Jay Nelson Frank Davis
KHARKOV Soviet Spring Offensive, 1942 WWII 01-May-78 Stephen Patrick Brad Hessel & Dave Werden
KIEV The Battle of Encirclement, 1941 WWII 01-Jun-79 Joe Angiolillo John Butterfield
KING ARTHUR The Battle of Stonehenge. Pre 1800 01-Nov-79 Rob and Linda Mosca Tom Hamilton
KOREA Test Series Game Modern 01-Sep-70 Jim Dunnigan John Young
KOREA The Mobile War: 1950-51 Modern 01-Feb-71 Jim Dunnigan John Young
KORSUN The German Pocket on the Dniepr, 1944 WWII 01-Jun-79 Stephen Patrick w/ Milton & Neil Rosenberg  
KURSK Operation Zitadelle, 4 July 1943 WWII 01-May-71 Sterling Hart  
KURSK, Eric Goldberg's (II) History's Greatest Tank Battle, July 1943 WWII 01-Apr-80 Eric Goldberg  
LA BELLE ALLIANCE The Battle of Waterloo Napoleonic 01-Sep-76 Kevin Zucker Jay Nelson
LA GRANDE ARMÉE The Campaigns of Napoleon in Central Europe 1805, 1806, 1809 Napoleonic 01-Sep-72 John Young Arnold Hendrick &Phil Orbanes
(originally Lee At Gettysburg)
The Confederate Summer Offensives 1862 - 1863 ACW 01-May-73 John Young Michael Thompson
LEGION Tactical Warfare in the Roman Age Pre 1800 01-Feb-75 John Young Tom Walczyk
LEIPZIG Test Series Game Napoleonic 01-Sep-69 Jim Dunnigan  
LEIPZIG Napoleon vs. Europe 1813 Napoleonic 01-Sep-71 Jim Dunnigan  
LENINGRAD The Advance of Army Group North, 1941 WWII 01-Mar-80 Dick Rustin  
LEYTE Return to the Philippines, October 1944 WWII 01-Nov-75 Jay Nelson.  
LIGNY The Incomplete Victory WWII 01-Sep-76 Kevin Zucker Jay Nelson
LILLE The classic Vauban Siege, 1708 Pre 1800 01-Aug-78 Dave Werden Brent Nosworthy
LOST BATTLES Tactical/Operational Combat in Russia, 1944 WWII 01-Aug-71 Jim Dunnigan  
LUTZEN Gustavus Adolphus' Last Battle, 16 November, 1632 Pre 1800 01-May-75 Tom Walczyk Brad Hessel
MACEDONIANS, THE Alexander in Persia 334 - 331 BC Pre 1800 01-Mar-77 Rich Berg  
MARENGO Napoleon in Italy, 14 June 1800 Napoleonic 01-Sep-75 Dave Isby  
MARNE, THE Home Before the Leaves Fall IWW 01-Aug-72 John Young Lenny Glynn
MECH WAR 2 (2 Pack) Modern Combined Arms Combat Modern 01-Feb-79 Mark Herman Tom Walczyk & Stephen Donaldson
MECH WAR '77 Tactical Armored Combat in the 1970's Modern 01-May-75 Jim Dunnigan Irad Hardy
MIDDLE EARTH TRILOGY (3 Pack) Three Games of Middle Earth inspired by Lord of the Rings SFF 01-Nov-77    
MIGHTY FORTRESS, A Reformation/Counter-Reformation, 1532-55. Pre 1800 01-Sep-77 Rudolph Heinze Rich Berg
MINUTEMAN The Second American Revolution Modern 01-Dec-76 Jim Dunnigan Joe Balkoski & Ed Curran
MODERN BATTLES (QUAD) Four Contemporary Conflicts Modern 01-Jul-75 Howie Barasch, Ed Curran, Jay Nelson & Irad Hardy  
MODERN BATTLES II (QUAD) Four Contemporary Conflicts Modern 01-Jun-77 Jim Dunnigan  
MONMOUTH, BATTLE OF The Colonies Take the Offensive, June 28, 1778 Pre 1800 01-Jan-82 David G. Martin, Leonard Millman Eric Lee Smith
MOSCOW CAMPAIGN Strike and Counterstrike: Russia, 1941 WWII 01-Jun-72 Jim Dunnigan  
MOSCOW, BATTLE OF   WWII 01-Nov-70 Dave Williams  
MUKDEN Sino-Soviet Combat in the '70s. Modern 01-Jul-75 David C. Isby David C. Isby, Ed Curran, Jay Nelson,
MUSKET & PIKE Tactical Combat, 1550-1680 Pre 1800 01-Jan-73 John Young  
NAPOLEON AT WAR (QUAD) Four Battles from the Napoleonic Wars Napoleonic 01-Aug-75 Tom Walczyk & Frank Davis  
NAPOLEON AT WATERLOO   Napoleonic 01-Jul-71 Jim Dunnigan.  
NAPOLEON AT WATERLOO EXPANSION   Napoleonic 01-Jul-71 Jim Dunnigan  
NAPOLEON'S ART OF WAR The Battles of Eylau and Dresden Napoleonic 01-Jul-79    
NAPOLEON'S LAST BATTLES (QUAD) The Waterloo Campaign, June 1815 Napoleonic 01-Sep-76 Kevin Zucker Jay Nelson
NATO Combat in Europe in the 1970s Modern 01-May-73 Jim Dunnigan, Bob Felice, Stephen Bettum & Hank Zucker
NATO DIVISION COMMANDER Leadership Under Fire Modern 01-Mar-80 Jim Dunnigan  
NEXT WAR, THE Modern Combat in Europe Modern 01-Jul-78 Jim Dunnigan Mark Herman
NEY VS. WELLINGTON The Battle of Quatre Bras, June 16, 1815 Napoleonic 01-May-79 Joe Balkoski  
NORDLINGEN Triumph of the Imperialists, 6 September 1634 Pre 1800 01-May-75 Brad Hessel Brad Hessel & Tom Walczyk
NORMANDY Test Series Game WWII 01-Sep-69 Jim Dunnigan Edi Birsan & Bob Champer
NORMANDY The Invasion of Europe, 1944 WWII 01-Jan-71 Jim Dunnigan Edi Birsan & Bob Champer
NORTH AFRICA (QUAD) Four Battles in North Africa WWII 01-Jul-76 Frank Davis  
OBJECTIVE: MOSCOW The Death of Soviet Communism Modern 01-Apr-78 Joe Angiolillo Phil Kosnett
OCTOBER WAR Tactical Conflict in the Yom Kippur Conflict Modern 01-Mar-77 Irad Hardy Mark Herman
OIL WAR American Intervention in the Persian Gulf Modern 01-Sep-75 Jim Dunnigan Kip Allen
OKINAWA The Last Battle, April 1945 WWII 01-Nov-75 Larry Pinsky  
OPERATION GRENADE The Battle for the Rhineland 23 Feb - 5 Mar '45 WWII 01-Jan-81 Joe Balkoski  
OPERATION OLYMPIC The Invasion of Japan, 1945 WWII 01-Jul-74 Jim Dunnigan Frank Davis
OPERATION STAR The Soviet Winter Offensive, 1943 WWII 01-Jun-79 Brent Nosworthy Bob Jervis
OPERATION TYPHOON Moscow, 1941 WWII 01-Aug-78 Joe Angiolillo Joe Balkoski
OUTREACH The Conquest of the Galaxy SFF 01-Sep-76 Irad Hardy Brad Hessel
PALACE OF ONTONCLE DragonQuest Adventure One RPG 01-Nov-80 Peter Herzig Nick Karp
PANZER '44 Tactical Armored Combat, 1944 WWII 01-Apr-75 Jim Dunnigan Irad Hardy
PANZER BATTLES Tactical Armored Warfare in World War II WWII 01-Mar-79 Tom Walczyk  
PANZERARMEE AFRIKA Rommel in the Desert WWII 01-Sep-73 Jim Dunnigan Irad Hardy & Hank Zucker
PANZERGRUPPE GUDERIAN The Battle of Smolensk, July 1941 WWII 01-Jul-76 Jim Dunnigan Rich Berg
PARATROOP Three Great Airborne Assaults WWII 01-Nov-79    
PATROL! 20th Century Man-to-Man Combat Modern 01-Sep-74 Jim Dunnigan Irad Hardy & Ed Curran
PATTON'S THIRD ARMY The Lorraine Campaign 8 Nov - 1 Dec '44 WWII 01-Jan-80 Joe Balkoski  
PEA RIDGE The Gettysburg of the West, March 7-8, 1862 ACW 01-Apr-80 Eric Smith Tom Hudson & Eric Smith
PHALANX The Art of War in Ancient Greece, 500 BC - 100 BC Pre 1800 01-Oct-71 John Young  
PLOT TO ASSASSINATE HITLER 1940-45 WWII 01-Nov-76 Jim Dunnigan Fred Georgian & Greg Costikyan
PRESTAGS MASTERPACK (5 Pack) Chariot, Spartan, Legion, Viking, Yeoman Pre 1800 01-Jul-75 John Young Tom Walczyk
PUNIC WARS Rome vs. Carthage, 264 to 146 BC. Pre 1800 01-Nov-75 Irad Hardy Frank Davis, with Brad Hessel & Fred Georgian
QUATRE BRAS Stalemate on the Brussels Road Napoleonic 01-Sep-76 Kevin Zucker Jay Nelson
RAGNAROK The Twilight of the Gods SFF 01-May-81 Daryl Esakof  
RAID! 20th Century Commando Operations Modern 01-Sep-77 Mark Herman Tony Merridy
RED DEVILS Massecare of the Gallant 1944 WWII 01-Nov-79 John Butterfield  
RED STAR/WHITE STAR Tactical Combat in Western Europe in the 1970's Modern 01-Nov-72 Jim Dunnigan John Young, Kevin Zucker & Bill Sullivan
RED STAR/WHITE STAR (2nd Edition) Modern Mechanized Combat in Europe Modern 01-Feb-79 Mark Herman, Tom Walczyk, Stephen Donaldson
RED SUN RISING The Russo-Japanese War, 1904-05 OTHER 01-Jan-78 Frank Davis Mark Herman
REMAGEN Bridgehead over the Rhine, March, 1945 WWII 01-Mar-76 Stephen Patrick Christopher Allen & Stephen Patrick
RENAISSANCE OF INFANTRY Tactical Warfare 1150 AD to 1550 AD Pre 1800 01-Jul-70 Al Nofi  
RESCUE FROM THE HIVE   SFF 01-Mar-81 Nick Karp Dave Ritchie
REVOLT IN THE EAST Warsaw Pact rebellion in the 1970's. Modern 01-May-76 Jim Dunnigan Kip Allen & Redmond Simonsen
RIFLE & SABER Tactical Combat 1850 - 1900 Pre 1800 01-Apr-73 John Young Leonard Glynn & Kevin Zucker
ROAD TO RICHMOND Seven Day's Battle, June 26-28, 1862 ACW 01-Jan-77 Joe Angiolillo  
ROBERT AT BANNOCKBURN The Battle of Bannockburn Pre 1800 01-Nov-79 Anthony Buccini  
ROCROI The End of the Spanish Ascendency, 19 May 1643 Pre 1800 01-May-75 Rob & Linda Mosca Brad Hessel & Linda Mosca
ROMANS, THE Mediterranean Expansion 200 - 189 BC Pre 1800 01-Mar-77 Rich Berg  
ROSTOV The First Soviet Counter-Attack, 1941 WWII 01-Jun-79 John Butterfield John Butterfield
RUSSIAN CIVIL WAR 1918 -1922 19th Century 01-Jun-76 Jim Dunnigan Frank Davis
SAIPAN Conquest of the Marianas, June 1944 WWII 01-Nov-75 Kip Allen  
SAURON Battle of the Ring, SA 3434 SFF 01-Nov-77 Rob Mosca Rich Berg & Tony Beavers
SCRIMMAGE Tactical Professional Football OTHER 01-Mar-73 Jim Dunnigan Irad Hardy & Tom Walczyk
SEARCH & DESTROY Tactical Combat in Vietnam, 1965-1967 WWII 01-Dec-74 John Young  
SEDAN Guderian Across the Meuse, May 1940 WWII 01-Nov-78 Danny Parker John Butterfield
SEELÖWE German Invasion of Britain, 1940 WWII 01-Mar-74 John Young Irad Hardy & Tom Walczyk
SERBIA/GALICIA Austria-Hungary at War, 1914 IWW 01-Sep-78 Jay Nelson, Brad Hessel, Jay Nelson, Tom Hamilton
SEVASTOPOL First Modern Siege, 1854-55 19th Century 01-Jul-78 Rob Mosca Dave Werden
SHILOH The Battle for Tennessee, 6-7 April 1862 ACW 01-Apr-75 Kip Allen Irad Hardy, John Young & Kip Allen
SICILY Race for Messina 10 July - 17 August 1943 WWII 01-Nov-81 Dick Rustin Greg Costikyan
SIEGE OF CONSTANTINOPLE, THE 1453 Pre 1800 01-Jan-78 Rich Berg Eric Goldberg
SINAI The Arab-Israeli Wars Modern 01-Dec-73 Jim Dunnigan Hank Zucker
SIXTH FLEET US / Soviet Naval Warfare in the Mediterranean Modern 01-Jan-75 Jim Dunnigan Frank Davis
SNIPER! House to House Fighting in WWII WWII 01-Jul-73 Jim Dunnigan  
SOLDIERS Tactical Combat, 1914-15 IWW 01-Jun-72 Dave Isby Lenny Glynn
SOLOMONS CAMPAIGN Air, Land, and Sea Warfare, Pacific 1942 WWII 01-Jul-73 Jim Dunnigan Irad Hardy & Tom Walczyk
SORCERER Mgical Conflict SFF 01-Oct-75 Redmond Simonsen Tom Walczyk
SOUTH AFRICA The Death of Colonialism Modern 01-May-77 Irad Hardy Frank Davis
SPARTAN Tactical Warfare in the Hellenisic Age 500 - 1000 BC Pre 1800 01-Feb-75 John Young Tom Walczyk
SPI BASEBALL   OTHER 01-Apr-80 Rich Berg  
SPI FOOTBALL   OTHER 01-May-80 Rich Berg  
SPIES! The Multiplayer Game of International Intrigue OTHER 01-May-81 John Prados & Lenny Glynn Brad Hessel & Redmond Simonsen
SPITFIRE Tactical Aerial Combat, 1939-42 WWII 01-Mar-73 Jim Dunnigan Kevin Zucker & M. Elizabeth Clifford
ST. VITH The Sixth Panzer Army Assault WWII 01-Nov-78 Danny Parker John Butterfield
STALINGRAD Test Series Game 15 - second edition renamed Battle of Stalingrad, then Turning Point: Battle of Stalingrad WWII 01-Jul-70 Fred Schachter  
STAR TRADER The Game of Interstellar Exploitation and Piracy SFF 01-Jan-82 Nick Karp John Butterfield & Nick Karp
STARFORCE 25th Century Interstellar Combat SFF 01-Aug-74 Redmond Simonsen John Young with Tom Walczyk
STARFORCE TRILOGY (3 Pack) Strategic and Tactical space and land combat. SFF 01-May-77 Redmond Simonsen  
STARGATE Space Battle for Freedom SFF 01-Mar-79 John Butterfield  
STARSOLDIER 25th Century Tactical Combat SFF 01-Jan-77 Tom Walczyk Brad Hessel
STONEWALL The Battle of Kernstown, 23 March 1862 ACW 01-Mar-78 Mark Herman Tom Walczyk
STRATEGY I Strategic Warfare, 350 BC to 1984. Pre 1800 01-Jan-71 John Young, Jim Dunnigan, Redmond Simonsen & Stephen Patrick  
STRIKE FORCE ONE A Conflict Simulation Introductory Game Modern 01-Jan-75 Redmond Simonsen  
SUEZ TO GOLAN Modern Mechanized Combat in the Mid-East Modern 01-Mar-79 Mark Herman Tom Walczyk & Stephen Donaldson
SUPERCHARGE The Battle of El Alamein WWII 01-Jul-76 Greg Costikyan Frank Davis
SWORD AND THE STARS, THE   SFF 01-Apr-81 Eric Smith  
SWORDS AND SORCERY Quest and Conquest in the Age of Magic SFF 01-Jun-78 Greg Costikyan Eric Goldberg
Tac 3 Demo Eastfront Armored Combat (PanzerBlitz Preview) WWII 01-Jul-70 Jim Dunnigan  
T-34 / 20 MM Eastfront Armored Combat with Miniatures (TAC-3 20 mm) WWII 01-Sep-70 Arnold Hendrick Redmond Simonsen
TACTICAL GAME 3 Russia, 1944 WWII 01-Sep-69 Jim Dunnigan  
TAMBURLANE THE GREAT The Battle of Angorra. Pre 1800 01-Nov-79 Dave Werden  
TANK! Armored Combat in the 20th Century WWII 01-May-74 Jim Dunnigan Irad Hardy
TANK! EXPANSION   WWII 01-May-74 Jim Dunnigan Irad Hardy
TANNENBERG Test Series Game IWW 01-Sep-69 Jim Dunnigan Redmond Simonsen
TANNENBERG The Opening Battles in the East, 1914 IWW 01-Jul-78 David Isby  
TASK FORCE Naval Tactics and Operations in the 1980's Modern 01-Mar-81 Joe Balkoski  
TCHERNAYA RIVER The Battle of Tractir Bridge, 1855 19th Century 01-Apr-78 Steve Ross  
TERRIBLE SWIFT SWORD The Three Days of Gettysburg ACW 01-Jul-76 Rich Berg  
THIRTY YEARS' WAR (QUAD) Four Battles from the Thirty Years War Pre 1800 01-May-76 Brad Hessel Rob Mosca and Tom Walczyk
TIMETRIPPER   SFF 01-Jul-80 Jim Dunnigan  
TITAN STRIKE The Battle for Saturn's Moon SFF 01-Mar-79 Phil Kosnett  
TITO And His Partisan Army Yugoslavia 1940-45 Modern 01-Jul-80 Dick Rustin Joe Balkoski
TO THE GREEN FIELDS BEYOND The Battle for Cambrai IWW 01-May-78 Dave Isby  
TOWER OF AZANN   SFF 01-Jan-81 Justin Leites Bob Ryer & Redmond Simonsen
TURNING POINT: BATTLE OF STALINGRAD (Originally Battle of Stalingrad) The Soviet Winter Offensive, 1942 WWII 01-Feb-72 Jim Dunnigan  
TWELVE O'CLOCK HIGH Test Series Game WWII 01-Jul-70 Lou Zocchi Redmond Simonsen
TYRE Alexander's Siege and Assault, 332 B.C. Pre 1800 01-Jul-78 Mark Herman Tony Beavers
UNIVERSE   RPG 01-May-81 John Butterfield John Butterfield & Gerry Klug
UP AGAINST THE WALL MOTHER++++++   Modern 01-Mar-69 Jim Dunnigan & Jerry Avorn Lenny Glynn & Mike Stern
UP SCOPE! 20th Century Submarine Warfare WWII 01-Jan-78 Joe Balkoski Frank Davis & Steve Ross
USN The War in the Pacific, 1941-1943 WWII 01-Nov-71 Jim Dunnigan John Young & Bob Champer
VECTOR 3 Space Combat in Three Dimensions SFF 01-Mar-79 Greg Costikyan & Tom Gould  
VERACRUZ U.S. Invasion of Mexico, 1847. 19th Century 01-Jul-77 Rich Berg Rich Berg & Joe Balkoski
VIKING Tactical Warfare in the Dark Ages 700 - 1300 Pre 1800 01-Feb-75 John Young Tom Walczyk
VON HINDENBURG IN POLAND The Warsaw-Lodz Campaign, 1914 IWW 01-Oct-78 Anthony Beavers Anthony Beavers, Brad Hessel & Tom Hamilton
VOYAGE OF THE BMS PANDORA Adventures on Unknown Worlds SFF 01-Jan-81 John Butterfield  
WACHT AM RHEIN The Battle of the Bulge, December, 1944 WWII 01-Feb-77 Jim Dunnigan Jay Nelson & Joe Balkoski
WAGRAM The Peace of Vienna, 5-6 July 1809 Napoleonic 01-Sep-75 Irad Hardy Irad Hardy & Frank Davis
WAGRAM MINIATURES SET   Napoleonic 01-Nov-77