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Launched in January of 1967 by Christopher Wagner, Strategy & Tactics magazine was very much in the format of The General from Avalon Hill at the time. It was clearly a fanzine in nature in the first half year, but the response indicated there was an interest in wargames beyond AH's limited offerings.

See this link for more info: The Coming of S&T

           ---Russ Gifford

Below are the links to these newsletters, as they were later re-issued in a bound book format by SPI. Each book starts and ends with a then-current look back on the early days of S&T to fill in the history.

These are only links. I do not have these magazines on my website, and do not control the website that has decided to store them. If the links do not work, let me know, but I cannot fix any problems if they should be moved or dropped.


Title About

S&T  Book 1  Issues 1 to 6        
Jan 1967

S&T  Book 2  Issues 7 to 12       
Aug 1967

S&T  Book 3  Issues 13 to 16        
May 1968

S&T  Book 4  Issues 17 to 18        
Mar 1969

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