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I've created an Excel-based game assistance program for StarSoldier. It was always a favorite of mine in the man-to-man combat field, but as much as the SiMov made the game, it also added some difficulties.

Plotting was not difficult, but doing it quickly in the heat of battle AND having readable orders afterwards? Well, that was asking a bit much!

Plus, anyone who ever played the game tended to refer to the Direct Fire calculations as 'Calculus' - and that comes from a bunch of geeks who do not shy away from complexity!


I stayed with the StarSoldier basic game version, mostly. And this is an ASSISTANCE program. It is NOT a gamebox! (I like moving my own counters, on my map, and rolling my own dice!) But I do think this is cool.

Plus, it allows player to EXPORT their plot sheet, and then email it as an attachment to their opponent.

The next version will also allow them to import their opponent's page into the system. But right now, all they have to do is re-create the plots - not terribly difficult in this low counter game.

Here are a few sample shots from the program, to give you a feel of it.

You fill in the white boxes on any page - it carries the info forward.

It knows which troops you have, and you give your orders (Tasks) and it calculates them against your current Task Point Allowance. You also designate your target hex.

After both players complete their plots, it starts the calculation. You supply the range and choose the target's terrain type. It tells you the Attack Differential, and you roll for the results.

It also takes your missile launches, and after you update any Task Point losses, to gives you the resulting movement as per the plot. (Remember, StarSoldier pioneered the concept of interrupting movement for Opportunity Fire long before ASL's Defensive Fire phase!)

Then  you wrap up the missile Scatter and Detonations, and update positions and Task Point Allowances, and start over at the Plot Phase!

Really, it has some limitations, but the program works well.

Right now, it is available ONLY if you already have Microsoft Excel. But now that I have the kinks figured out, I am working to port it to Access, where it can function as an actual standalone program.

If you try this, I would appreciate any feedback!

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