Folio Games

  Folio Edition (From)   (Listed Alphabetically)   Notes:
  Chickamauga Blue & Gray I   Alma   Folios were smaller games with full color 17 x 22 maps, 
  Shilo Blue & Gray I   Antietam   soft packed with a glossy folder with picture and backing info.
  Antietam Blue & Gray I   Arnhem   Folios were smaller games with full color 17 x 22 maps, 
  Cemetery Hill Blue & Gray I   Balaklava   A few games from S&T were included, and 
  Chattanooga Blue & Gray II   Bastogne   later the two small games from the Middle Earth trilogy were added,
  Battle of the Wilderness Blue & Gray II   Battle for Germany   But only with a cover, not a folder. (?)
  Hooker & Lee Blue & Gray II   Battle of Nations   It appears folios were discontinuted by 1978 - but see note below. 
  Fredericksburg Blue & Gray II   Battle of the Wilderness  
  Alma Crimean War   Bloody Ridge   Interesting aside / my deduction:
  Balaklava Crimean War   Breitenfeld   The Folios share the printing style of the test cases of the
  Inkerman Crimean War   Bunderswehr   Designer/Collector editions of games, and I suspect the effort to print a large
  Tchernaya River Crimean War   Cauldron   quantity of these meant all of these were a one time printing effort. 
  Leyte Island War   Cemetery Hill   Quad games with folios included Modern Wars II which had not been printed yet 
  Okinawa Island War   Chattanooga   as well as the a folio for Road to Richmond which fits with the Civil War folios.
  Saipan Island War   Chickamauga  
  Bloody Ridge Island War   Chinese Farm   Quad Games NOT available as Folios: 
  Golan Modern Battles I   Crusader   Great War in the East, Great Medieval Battles, 
  Chinese Farm Modern Battles I   Dixie   Battles of the Ardennes, Army Group South, and Art of Siege
  Wurzburg Modern Battles I   DMZ   (They are still offered in zpack - plastic bags.)
  Mukden Modern Battles I   Fredericksburg   However, note that the games from
  Jerusalem Modern Battles II   Freiburg   Great Medieval Battles and Army Group South do become Capsule offerings.
  Bunderswehr Modern Battles II   Golan  
  Yugoslavia Modern Battles II   Gondor  
  DMZ Modern Battles II   Hooker & Lee  
  Wavre Napoleon's Last Battles   Hurtgen Forest  
  La Belle Alliance Napoleon's Last Battles   Inkerman  
  Quatre Bras Napoleon's Last Battles   Jena-Auerstadt  
  Ligny Napoleon's Last Battles   Jerusalem  
  Wargram Napoleon at War   Kasserine  
  Battle of Nations Napoleon at War   La Belle Alliance  
  Jena-Auerstadt Napoleon at War   Leyte  
  Marengo Napoleon at War   Ligny  
  Cauldron North African   Lutzen  
  Crusader North African   Marengo  
  Kasserine North African   Mukden  
  Supercharge North African   Nordlingen  
  Freiburg Thirty Years War   Oil War  
  Lutzen Thirty Years War   Okinawa  
  Nordlingen Thirty Years War   Punic Wars  
  Rocroi Thirty Years War   Quatre Bras  
  Hurtgen Forest West Wall   Remagen  
  Bastogne West Wall   Revolt in the East  
  Remagen West Wall   Road to Richmond  
  Arnhem West Wall   Rocroi  
  Gondor Middle Earth   Saipan  
  Sauron Middle Earth   Sauron  
  Battle for Germany Strategy & Tactics Folios   Shilo  
  World War I Strategy & Tactics Folios   Supercharge  
  Oil War Strategy & Tactics Folios   Tchernaya River  
  Dixie Strategy & Tactics Folios   Wargram  
  Breitenfeld Strategy & Tactics Folios   Wavre  
  Revolt in the East Strategy & Tactics Folios   World War I  
  Punic Wars Strategy & Tactics Folios   Wurzburg  
  Road to Richmond Strategy & Tactics Folios   Yugoslavia