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Let's face it - there are literally thousands of items on the website. How do you know if I added something new that you might really like to see?

Going to try to keep this page updated as I add things, so it is easy to locate those 'new' additions!

6/1/2021 - I added a few things since the last update, much more than listed below:

Errata: Added a complied Errata for Search & Destroy. Some other clean up items.

Rules and Maps: Lots of new things here: Maps added for Empire of the Middle Ages, Chariot, Legion, Viking, A Mighty Fortress, Red Star White Star, Air War. Also counters for Legion, Chariot, and Centurion. Also pics of ALL the items in the every so rare Moments in Conflict boxed set for teachers!!!

SPI Scenarios: Added a new scenario for CA, and one for StarForce. (oops - 404 error now fixed! Thanks for the heads up!)

SPI Replays:  Terrible Swift Sword - the entire first day!!! PanzerGruppe Guderian, Chariot, Cedar Mountain, Drive on Washington, Road To Richmond, Seelowe, Chinese Farm, Desert Fox! replay. Many thanks to the folks offering these. To me, THESE are perhaps the best news in recent years. If you are familiar with the game, these are exciting to watch. You can also see games you know well take entirely unexplored directions because YOU never thought to try it! Which means you LEARNED something!

And if you have NEVER played the game, you get some ideas how it works, and some tips for first time set ups, which to me is a REAL boon! Thanks to EVERYONE for their contributions to this - and remember, if you are doing solo games, TAKE pictures and make a few notes on each turn. Send those to me and I can put it together for you!

SPI Videos: Also added many new SPI Videos! As you know, I am very picky on videos - I don;t need someone that has never read the rules playing the game wrong, and I rarely take an 'unbox' video. But there are links to more than EIGHTY videos now! That's some serious efforts by a lot of people to help you see and understand over FIFTY DIFFERENT games! Wow!

SPI Advertisements: I am adding at least 10 to 15 new advertisements.

And lots of other things tucked in here and there. Enjoy!

4/1/2020 - I added a few things since the last update:

SPI Replays: Crete (ST18), Punic Wars (2), and the start of a Desert Fox replay! Coming - a short, sharp PanzerGruppe Guderian replay. Many thanks to the folks offering these. We now have over 25 of them! Remember - if you are playing by VASSAL, of soloing games, and want to take pictures and make notes, you can send them to me and I will make the PDF for the Replay!

Errata: A few cleanups, and small additions, including for Great Medieval Battles, and Modern Battles.

SPI Variants: Added a variant for King Arthur that removes the Leader to Leader combat and gives them leadership ratings and abilities instead!

Rules and Maps: Working through additions of better maps and rules for Panzer '44, and others in that series.

SPI Videos: Also added a couple of new SPI Videos, one long one for BattleFleet Mars and a few others.

SPI Advertisements: I am adding at least 10 to 15 new advertisements.

Let me know if there is something you are looking for and can't find on the site. Drop me a note at the feedback page. Link

1/1/2020 - Today, I have added the following to 

SPI Scenarios: for FireFight, Air War, Raid, and a solo scenario for StarForce.

SPI Profiles: Longer articles on Art of Siege, Armada, The Crimean War, Highway the Reich, BattleFleet Mars, Operation Typhoon, Fulda Gap, War of the Rings, and Sauron.

And some proposed variants or house rules articles for Napoleon's Last Battles, To the Green Fields Beyond, and two planes for Air War.

These are all from issues of The Phoenix between #13 to #20. (Honestly, I thought these were already on the site. But hey - enjoy !)

No matter what - if you are LOOKING for something, drop me a note at the feedback page. Link

Recently, I added new chapters to my ongoing history of SPI:  Chapter 1 to the ongoing History of SPI via the formats offered: Link