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The summer of 2024 -- your chance to game!

The SPI Game Day Gatherings!

April 28 - Lincoln, Nebraska
May 17 - 18 - 19  - Sioux City, Iowa
June 8 - Omaha Nebraska
July TBA - Des Moines, Iowa
July and August TBD

I am looking for potential dates and locations in or NEAR
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Minneapolis St. Paul, Minnesota
Kansas City, Kansas

If you have location ideas or contacts, let me know. GameDayInfo@SPIGames.net

This summer -- it is a Blast from the Past! Your chance to play some GREAT SPI GAMES in face to face matches!

WHERE: (See list above - I will add venue addresses as they come available.) 
Sioux City Convention Center 801 4th St, Sioux City, IA 51101 -- NO ENTRY FEE!

Room opens 5 PM Friday for open gaming, and closes at 12 pm each night, Saturday and Sunday opens at 8 AM. 

On tap Saturday: Musket & Pike, PRESTAGS, GBACW, Blue & Gray, others? Bring what YOU want to play!

Friday Night: The icebreaker: a multiplayer game CREATURE THAT ATE SHEYBOYGAN!

We might move on to a Friday night at the Mall with DAWN OF THE DEAD!


If there is any interest, I could dust off SNIPER! for a free for all game before the weekend is over!

Otherwise -- bring what YOU want to play!!!

Spartan, Anyone?

Stonewall, from TSS/GBACW?

The War of the Ring?

Musket & Pike?

A scenario from Highway to the Reich? Or Terrible Swift Sword?  Or just pick up games?


REALITY:  I expect a low turnout - but there will be enough people there for you to PLAY ALL WEEKEND!!

If there is any interest, I could dust off SNIPER! for a free for all game before the weekend is over!

Repeat  -- bring what YOU want to play!!!

It is your chance to game like its 1979!!!!


See you there? (More Info: write me at GameDayinfo@SPIGames.net


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