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From Moves, Issue 47 (October/November, 1979)

This item appeared in Designer Notes column, page 26:


We're getting some good, solid playtesting in on this, and we're into our second run-through of the opening hours of the battle (Hooker's attack on the Confederate left). The first run-through went right down to the wire, with the Union just taking Dunkard's Church and the Roulette Farm on the last turn of the scenario. Losses were ferocious: over 13,000 casualties (fairly close to the actual total for this part of the engagement). The second run-through has been quite different, with the Confederates putting up fierce resistance near Nicodemus Hill all the way to the Potomac, while the far right of their position, anchored by Garland and Colquitt in the Sunken Road, is in dire danger from an attack by Mansfield's XII Corps, just moving into position. Again, as in the prior test, the struggle for Miller's Cornfield has been a vicious, see-saw battle, with both sides taking and losing the ground.

There have been a few major changes from the revised TSS-system, as embodied in Bloody April. Because of the new scale of 50 men per point, we now have a new Small-Arms Fire CRT (2-12), a Counter-Battery CRT (which is the old CRT revised to apply only to artillery), and a new Melee CRT, which is really quite like the old one, just ex­panded to account for the change in scale. New rules include Rapid March and some pretty definitive but optional command and fatigue rules. Some good research has pro­duced the information that some US sharp­shooter units (Andrews' Massachusetts Sharpshooters) were armed with telescopic sharpshooter rifles! These guns were quite heavy and had little short range or melee capability. We're trying to determine their total range and see how they fit in, as all sharpshooter companies (mostly armed with Sharps carbines) will be represented separately. But best of all is the tremendous enthusiasm evinced by the testers. The game is really coming along nicely.                                          Rich Berg



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