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From Moves, Issue 48 (December 1979/January 1980)

This item appeared in Designer Notes column, page 32:

The Stonewall Project

The first two games to be released in this project will be my game, Pea Ridge, and Tom Hudson's game, Monocacy Junction. We are playtesting these two games very intensively, six days a week. Tom has been putting in 60 hours a week on the project, and we are both very tired and dazed by the pace. The games are all the better for it though, since we've recruited a group of very dedicated and talented playtesters. The testing quality has been so good that I'm thinking of testing my future games in the same way with the same crew of people as testers. We are pushing very hard to finish these two games so they can be released in February. I have made several changes in the TSS/BA system and will eventually be responsible for rewriting the system standard rules. If you live in the New York area, know the TSS/BA system, and would like to do some intensive playtesting, drop me a letter or call me.                                  Eric Smith



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