AHIKS 2021 Virtual Tournament

                     by Andrew Lorenzo Cozzi 



Tournament: Tactical Warfare Through the Ages

“Tactical warfare through the ages” is a competition based on a set of historical simulation-games about Tactical warfare in different time periods. It should allow all participants to understand and appreciate how warfare tactics evolved over time. The tournament will be done in a “Partial Decathlon Style”, each participant may take part as many games as he wishes but will be able to take points in only 4 games out of the 10 available. You do not need to know all 10 games to participate in the tournament, only the minimum 4 games you intend to claim points for.


1.     The participation to the tournament is free for everyone. Membership to AHIKS is highly encouraged for essential announcements (Free registration).

2.     To enter the competition, you need to participate in a minimum of 4 games out of the 10 games available (see below). Each game will be played as a mini tournament.

3.     You should aim for at least one turn /move per day for each game you participate. You may participate in multiple games simultaneously if you can manage to play at least one turn per day for each game. It is not necessary for all games to start simultaneously.

4.     We will be using Vassal (Map and counters), ACTS (Dice rolling), AHIKS website (Announcements) and email for immediate communications.

5.     For games with number of players multiple of 4, we will use Single-Elimination style tournament. If the number of players is not a multiple of 4, we will use a Round Robin type tournament.

6.     If both paired players agree on the side they wish to play, they should both email their choice to the organizer and start playing (see email below). If they cannot agree there should be a dice roll on ACTS to determine sides.

7.     A scenario has been selected for each game. In scenarios that award points to both sides the winner will be he that accumulates the most points.

8.     Only games with at least 4 participants will be initiated.

9.     The winner of the Tactical warfare tournament will be the player that has accumulated the most points in his four games. Points for each game will depend on the position reached multiplied by the difficulty of the game (according to Board Game Geek website) (Weight = difficulty):

a)     Winner = 10 points*(BGG Weight)

b)    Second = 7 points*(BGG Weight)

c)     Third = 4 points*(BGG Weight)

d)    Forth = 2 points*(BGG Weight)

10.  The winner will not receive a prize or money, just the praise of all participants and his name will be published in the AHIKS magazine.

11.  In case of rule disputes a panel of expert players will decide. Their decision is not contestable.

12.  The aim of the tournament is:

1.     to have fun

2.     play games we might have on a shelf and never tried

3.     improve our gaming

4.     find more opponents


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