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Known Errata:

Source: Boxed Game insert

Date: Addenda as of October 1979



[3.32] (counter errata) The Royal Gd. and Kings Own are misprinted. The L and R on the counters are reversed.

[3.32] (illustration errata) The example of the Fauqm cavalry unit should be labeled as "normal" and "charge", not "mounted" and "dismounted".

[4.0] (clarification) Fugitives are created immediately and may affect other units' morale during that turn.

[5.31] (correction) The French first line is hexrow 1000, NOT hexrow 2200

[8.52] (correction) French Crossbow ammunition is virtually unlimited. However, for purposes of record keeping all French Crossbow units begin the game with 24 rounds available.

[9.13] (illustration errata) The Archer unit in the illustration is incorrect. It should be a Man-At-Arms unit. If an archer unit were placed as in the illustration is would be in violation of Case 5.18.

[12.24] (correction) The word "IF" should be the first word of the second sentence. It was omitted.

[13.3, LEADER COMBAT RESULT TABLE] (correction) The heading for Interior #2 should read "Standing Attacking".

[14.26] (correction) The fugitive unit would bounce in a northeasterly direction, not a northwesterly direction.

[16.12] (correction) A French unit may never enter a hex containing stakes which are manned by an English unit.

[20.12] (addition) The English units with stakes begin the game with stakes implanted.

[20.13 D] (addition) On the fifth Game-Turn the French third line must move forward.

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