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Joining the FACEBOOK Napoleonic Fest?

Here are the VASSAL files you might need!

Games: My intention is to use all the Napoleon at War, Napoleon's Last Battles,  Napoleon's Art of War, and the long beloved Napoleon at Waterloo games.

Right now, I am still looking for acceptable VASSAL versions for all of these. Again, as an SPI guy, I do NOT want post SPI versions.

And like last time, the set up is not completed on the Napoleon at War versions.

But to get you up to speed, here is what is available so far! 

Right clink the link below and choose 'Save Target as"

Download file NW_Battle_of_Nations (currently updated to v0.5)

Download file NW_Jena (currently updated to v0.5)

Download file NW_Marengo (currently updated to v1)

Download file NW_Wagram (currently updated to v1)

Download file NLB_LaBelle_Alliance (currently updated to v1.1)

Download file NLB_Ligney(currently updated to v2.1)

Download file NLB_Quartre_Bras (updated to v1.0)

Download file NLB_Wavre (updated to v1.0)

Download file NW_Eylau (updated to v2.1)

Download file NW_Napoleon_At_Waterloo (updated to v2.1)

Special thanks to William Hay, who promoted the creation of most of these modules, and to Stephen Oliver for his contributions as well! 

Rules for all the games:

Download Napoleon At War Rules

Download Napoleon's Last Battles Rules

Download Napoleon's Art of War

Download Napoleon At Waterloo (1979)

Known Errata:

Art of War

Last Battles

New to VASSAL? Download this file: Click Here


I. This is a 'starter tourney' to get people interested, and to see if we can draw a few people who are NOT currently using VASSAL into trying it.

II. Thus, the games are the SPI Napoleon games noted above. I am still looking for a VASSAL module for the other game in the Art of War set.


This time out, we will require use of an outside die roller.

It makes sense in this series, as the Napoleon games ALLOW the defender to use their artillery as a Final Defensive Fire, which would necessitate the use of an extra exchange of logs anyway.

(more on this later.)

III. This is a Fest, not a Tournament. The difference:
A fest is not structured to match players to determine a 'winner.' A Fest simply matches players. Thus, there really are no 'rounds' - and no need for me to determine if this match meets a score group criteria. In a Fest, if two people are available, I will match them!

There will be more rules - but nothing major.

IV. My goal is to have this up and running by January 31, 2022.

Any questions? send me a note at