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The goal of this series of pages is to provide a central storehouse for all known official errata for SPI-era games.

It is not a job that will be finished in a day, or a thousand days. It is an ongoing commitment to provide players of these older games with the support they need to keep these gems in play.

If you have official errata for an SPI game, please click the link at the bottom of the page and share your information. Scans are accepted and welcomed!

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Errata for Games:


Acre - Art of Siege Quad

After the Holocaust


Air War  from Moves 37 Air War from Phoenix 15

Alma  - Crimean War Quad

American Revolution

Antietam - Blue and Gray Quad

Ardennes Offensive

Armada Errata Mar / Apr 1979

Armada 2nd Edition Rules Sep / Oct 1979


Army Group South - (includes Kiev, Korsun, Operation Star, and Rostov)

Arnhem - Westwall Quad

Art of Siege - (includes Acre, Lille, Sevastopol, Tyre)

Atlantic Wall


Balaclava - Crimean War Quad

Bastogne - Westwall Quad

Battle for Cassino

Battle of Nations

Battle of Stalingrad (aka Turning Point)

Battle of the Wilderness - Blue and Gray II Quad

Battles for the Ardennes (Quad includes St. Vith, Clervaux, Celles, Sedan) 

Battles for the Ardennes (NICE rules clarifications by Donald Byron Johnson) 

Battles for the Ardennes (NOT official errata from F&M 20.) 

The Black Prince

Bloody April

Bloody Ridge

Blue and Gray Quad (includes Antietam, Cemetery Hill, Shiloh, Chickamauga)

Blue & Gray II Quad (includes Battle of the Wilderness, Chattanooga,  Fredericksburg, Hooker vs Lee. Also Road to Richmond, and optional rules for Grand Chancellorsville.)


Breakout & Pursuit

Brusilov Offensive - Great War in the East Quad

Bundeswehr Modern Battles II Quad


Campaign for North Africa

Caporetto  - Great War in the East Quad

Cassino, Battle for

Cauldron - North Africa Quad

Cedar Mountain

Celles - Battles of the Ardennes

Cemetery Hill - Blue and Gray Quad


Chattanooga - Blue and Gray II Quad

Chickamauga - Blue and Gray Quad

China War

Clervaux - Battles of the Ardennes


Combat Command

Constantinople, Siege of (official) (and errata from UK link)

Conquerors, The



Crimean War Quad (includes Alma, Balaclava, Inkerman, Tchernya)

Crusader - North Africa Quad

Crusades, The

Dark Ages, The

Descent On Crete (In game) Descent On Crete (December 1978)

Desert Fox (Moves 59) Desert Fox (S&T Special Ed) Compiled

Desert War

Destruction of Army Group Center



Drive on Stalingrad (May 1978 SPI Errata Sheet)

Drive on Stalingrad  (F&M 11) Drive on Stalingrad (Moves 37)

Drive on Washington

East Is Red, The

Eben Emael, The

El Alamein


Fall of Rome

Fast Carriers

FireFight (Official Errata) FireFight (Q&A Moves 30)

Flying Circus

Franco-Prussian War

Fredericksburg - Blue and Gray II Quad

Global War

Golan - Modern Battles Quad

Great Medieval Battles Quad (includes King Arthur, The Black Prince,  Tamburlaine the Great, and Crecy.)

Great War in the East Quad (includes Caporetto, The Brusilov Offensive, Serbia/Galicia, and on Hindenburg in Poland)



Highway to the Reich (2nd Edition, errata from UK) (More 1st from UK)

Hooker & Lee  - Blue and Gray II Quad

Inkerman - Crimean War Quad

Island War

Invasion: America

Jerusalem - Modern Battles II Quad

John Carter Warlord of Mars


Kasserine - North Africa Quad

Kiev - Army Group South Quad


Korsun - Army Group South Quad

Kursk (II)

La Grande Armee (game insert page)  Clarifications (unofficial?)

Lee Moves North



Lille - Art of Siege Quad

Lost Battles

Marne, The

Mech War 2

Mighty Fortress, A

Modern Battles (I & II)

Moscow Campaign

Mukden - Modern Battles Quad

Musket & Pike Errata / M&P Scenario Errata

Napoleon at War

Napoleon's Art of  War

Napoleon's Last Battles


Next War, The (Moves 41) Next War (Moves 42)


North Africa Quad (includes Cauldron, Crusader, Kasserine, Supercharge )

Objective: Moscow

October War (Moves, errata)  October War (Observation Chart)

Okinawa - Island War Quad

Operation Star - Army Group South Quad

Operation Typhoon - UK notes

Panzer Battles

PanzerArmee Afrika

Panzergruppe Guderian


Pea Ridge



Red Devils (Paratroop)

Red Star White Star

Red Star White Star 2nd Ed. (Mech War 2)

Red Sun Rising plus one more item here link

Rifle & Saber

Road to Richmond  - Blue and Gray II Quad

Rostov - Army Group South Quad



Search & Destroy

Sedan - Battles of the Ardennes

Serbia/Galicia   Great War in the East Quad

Sevastopol - Art of Siege Quad

Shiloh - Blue and Gray Quad


Sniper! - and Sniper! QA



St. Vith -  Battles of the Ardennes


Strategy I


Suez to Golan (Mech War 2)

Supercharge  - North Africa Quad

Sword and the Stars (Ares 9 - right hand corner second page)

Swords and Sorcery

Tannenberg (S&T 69)  also Great War in the East Quad

Tamburlaine The Great

Tchernya - Crimean War Quad

Terrible Swift Sword  (1st Edition) Page 1  Page 2

Terrible Swift Sword (2nd Edition SPI/TSR)


To The Green Hills Beyond

Turning Point (originally Battle of Stalingrad)

Tyre - Art of Siege Quad


Vera Cruz

Von Hindenburg in Poland  Great War in the East Quad

Voyage of the B.S.M. Pandora (bottom right of page)

Wacht Am Rhein

War Between the States (and suggested changes here at end of article).

War in Europe

War In the East

War in the Pacific page 1 page 2

War in the West

War of the Ring

Westwall (includes Arnhem, Bastogne errata. No errata listed for others.)

Wilderness Campaign

Wilson's Creek

Winter War

World War II

World War Three

Year of the Rat

Yugoslavia - Modern Battles II Quad


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