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Cyberboxes And VASSAL Modules that I know of.

On the Cyberbox Modules .... Right Click... Save As.

On the VASSAL modules, write me and I will try to put you in touch with the people that created the module.

Anyone who wants to add modules to this listing, let me know!

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1812 Cyber

1918 Cyber

A Gleam of Bayonets Cyber (GBACW v7)

Acre Cyber (Art of Siege v1)

Across Suez Cyber

After the Holocaust Cyber

After the Holocaust VASSAL

Agincourt Cyber

Air War Cyber

Albion Cyber


Alma Cyber (Crimean War quad)

American Civil War  VASSAL

Antietam - Cyber (Blue and Gray quad)

Armada Cyber

Atlantic Wall v1 Cyber

Atlantic Wall v2 Cyber

Austerlitz Cyber

Austerlitz, Battle of Cyber

BAOR Cyber

Barbarian Kings Cyber

Battle of Austerlitz Cyber

Battle for Germany Cyber

Battle of Nations Cyber (Napoleon at War quad)

BattleFleet Mars Cyber

Battles for the Ardennes  VASSAL

Battles for the Ardennes 1944 setup VASSAL

Berlin '85 Cyber

Berlin '85 VASSAL

Bloody April Cyber

Borodino Cyber

Breitenfeld Cyber


Bull Run Cyber

Canadian Civil War VASSAL

Caporetto VASSAL (GWITE quad)

Cassino  Battle for Cyber

Cauldron Cyber (North Africa quad)

Cedar Mountain Cyber (GBACW v4)

Cedar Mountain VASSAL (GBACW v4)

Cemetery Hill Cyber (Blue and Gray quad)

Centurion Cyber

Chancellorsville Cyber (Blue and Gray quad)

Chattanooga Cyber (Blue and Gray quad)

Chicago Chicago VASSAL

Chickamauga Cyber (Blue and Gray quad)

Cobra Cyber

Combined Arms Cyber

Conquerors Cyber

Conquistadors Cyber

Corinth, Battle of  Cyber (GBACW v6)

Crete Cyber

Crusader Cyber (North Africa quad)

Crusades Cyber

Dark Ages Cyber

Delta Vee Cyber

Descent on Crete Cyber

Desert Fox Cyber

Desert Fox Expanded Cyber

Desert Fox VASSAL

Desert War Cyber


Dreadnought Cyber

Dresden Cyber

Drive on Stalingrad Cyber

Drive on Washington Cyber (GBACW v2)

East is Red Cyber

Eban Emael Cyber

Empires of the Middle Ages Cyber

Empires of the Middle Ages VASSAL

Eylau Cyber

Fifth Corps Cyber

FireFight VASSAL

Franco Prussian War Cyber

Frederick the Great Cyber

Fredericksburg Cyber (Blue and Gray quad)

Freedom in the Galaxy Cyber

Freedom in the Galaxy VASSAL

Frigate Cyber

Fulda Gap VASSAL

Grenadier Cyber

Grenadier VASSAL

Highway to the Reich Cyber

Hooker & Lee Cyber (Blue and Gray quad)

Invasion: America VASSAL

Jackson at the Crossroads Cyber (GBACW v5)

Jena Auerstadt Cyber (Napoleon at War quad)

John Carter Warlord of Mars Cyber

Kaisers Battle Cyber

Kampfpanzer Cyber

Kampfpanzer VASSAL

Kasserine Cyber (North Africa quad)

Kharkov Cyber

King Arthur Cyber (Medieval quad)

Kursk Eric Goldburg Cyber

LeGrande Armee Cyber

Lost Battles Cyber

Marengo  Cyber (NAW Quad)

Marne, The Cyber

MechWar 2 VASSAL

MechWar 77 VASSAL

Minuteman VASSAL

Modern Battles Cyber

Modern Battles II Cyber

Monmouth, Battle of Cyber

Monmouth, Battle of VASSAL

Moscow Campaign VASSAL

Musket & Pike Cyber

NATO Cyber

NATO Division Command VASSAL

Napoleon at Waterloo Cyber

Napoleon's Last Battles Cyber

Next War, The Cyber

Ney vs Wellington Cyber

Objective: Moscow VASSAL

October War Cyber

Oil War Cyber

Operation Grenade Cyber

Operation Typhoon Cyber

Outreach Cyber

Panzer Battles Cyber

Panzer Armee Afrika Cyber

Panzergruppe Guderian Cyber

Paratroop Crete VASSAL

Paratroop Red Devils VASSAL

Patton's Third Army Cyber

Pea Ridge Cyber (GBACW v1)

Phalanx Cyber

Pleasant Hill Cyber (GBACW v11)

Plot to Assassinate Hitler Cyber

Plot to Assassinate Hitler VASSAL

Punic Wars Cyber

Raid! Cyber

Red Star White Star Cyber

Red Sun Rising Cyber

Renaissance of Infantry VASSAL

Rescue from the Hive Cyber

Revolt in the East VASSAL

Rifle & Saber Cyber

Road to Richmond Cyber (Blue and Gray quad)

Robert at Bannockburn Cyber (Medieval quad)

Seelowe Cyber

Serbia VASSAL (GWITE v2)

Shiloh Cyber (Blue and Gray quad)

Sicily Cyber

Siege of Constantinople Cyber


Sniper! Cyber

Soldiers Cyber

Soldiers VASSAL

Spartan Cyber

Star Trader Cyber

Star Trader VASSAL

StarForce Cyber

StarForce VASSAL

StarSoldier Cyber

Stonewall Cyber

Strategy I Cyber

Supercharge Cyber (North Africa quad)

Swords & Sorcery Cyber

Sword and the Stars VASSAL

Tank! Cyber

Tank! Expansion Cyber

Tannenberg Cyber

Tannenburg (S&T) VASSAL (GWITE v0)

TaskForce Cyber

Tchernaya River Cyber (Crimean War quad)

Terrible Swift Sword Cyber (TSS)

Terrible Swift Sword v2 Cyber (GBACW v0)

Thirty Years War Cyber

TimeTripper VASSAL

Wagram Cyber (NAW Quad)

War Between the States Cyber

War in the East 1st Ed Cyber

War in the Ice Cyber

War of the Ring Cyber

Wilderness Campaign Cyber

Winter War Cyber

Wilson's Creek Cyber (GBACW v3)

WorldKiller Cyber

World War 1 Cyber


World War 3 Cyber

Yeoman Cyber

Year of the Rat Cyber


Download Cyberboard v3.10 here

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